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I try to link my account to my steam account, (it's me again)
but this time my email between this account and steam account are the same, but the message: "An error as ocurred, please try again late." come again.
What can i do?

Aug 23, 2019 19:02:51 PM

Ah, you see, an email address can only be associated with one account. You will need to send Support an email for help.

If I may ask, why do you want to link? Do you play on which client?

Aug 23, 2019 20:24:11 PM

At the moment, if you'd like to link your Path of Exile account to Steam using this tool, you'll need to get in touch with us at if you already have a Path of Exile account associated to Steam.

If you usually play through Steam and want to try using the standalone Path of Exile client, you can add an email to your Steam Path of Exile account using this tool after signing into your account using the green "Sign in through STEAM" button to the right of the login page.

Found here!

Zphyr's correct that you can only have one Path of Exile account associated to an email address so feel free to get in touch if you need us to free one up for you. :)

Aug 24, 2019 14:34:24 PM
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