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I know you try to be creatively like "dont hug me im scared", you try not to be afraid of new things.

But this is an ARPG, not a game like warcraft where tower defense totally works and is fun as hell.

Prepare to face your next synthesis-league experience, dead after 2 weeks.
and prepare for the tetris league, block shaped monsters try to mess up your stash space and the only way to prevent this is putting them one by one until they delete themself!

too bad all your work for this league is already done...
maybe next time you ask your fanbase what they want?

ah wait, you dont really care, the trading problem shows it.

I dont say there will be no one having fun, maybe even I will do, after all i will surely try out whats to be experienced.
Legion was just perfect at that regard.
No [Removed by Support] synthesis, hefty loot and low tier map farming...i mean yes, without headhunter you were dipshit in a 5 way session, totally great of GGG to create something like this. And cyclone yet again the POG gem of the league, greaat!!!

Too bad GGG'S staff only reacts when there are "mUh bAd wOrDs!!"...

dont expect the success of this game to be an good indicator of its actuall quality, WoW still lives, Diablo 3 does, Fortnite and so on...they all do live because there are [Removed by Support] pushing their money into it. [Removed by Support]

I guess what i wanted to say
TL;DR - there is seemingly no quality controll in Path of Exile.

Aug 23, 2019 15:12:38 PM

FYI cyclone has always sucked until legion league , so i dont understand you saying cyclone pog gem has never been even remotly viable since like beta days lol

Aug 24, 2019 09:01:53 AM

Uhh GGG mod beat me to it and removed your post....

However I have 2 points to make -->

1. Noone is forcing you to use any of GGG software, so if you are not happy with it just leave or just play on standard when legion goes core.
It is free to play

2. Also posting like this making personal treats to people are not allowed and will first get your post removed and if you continue, your account will be restricted.
and there we go. @OP account is now "On Probation" for minimum of 1 day.....

Aug 25, 2019 14:40:21 PM
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