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And you guys are so up to date but don't even know that legendary helmet gems were announced as a definite thing coming two years ago when the darkening of tristram launched. 90% of the content that's come wasn't even announced to boot.

As I see it, everything that was teased before the game went into "classic games" mod (aka "maintenance mode") has to be disregarded.

I understand you want this. I understand you think it will come. I understand you're "demanding" it. But to pass it off as a "fact"? That's a little bit too much, isn't it? I think it won't come; but at least I'm aware that's it's my belief - and not a fact.

I don't care if you guys don't believe this stuff, but stop acting like you know fucking anything about it. Like holy fucking drone, I've never heard such mindless nonsense. "I didn't know about what you're saying first, so you're wrong."

Sorry, dude. Didn't think it meant that much to you.

Edit: And another huge one, not one class uses spears.

And this is a "proof" that spear-using classes will come?

Sep 02, 2019 20:10:05 PM

No, but we might get a dragons league.

Sep 02, 2019 22:37:37 PM

Phrazz wrote:

Well when it eventually happens, like everything else they teased but never announced to non players did, you can gobble deez nuts.

Necromancer was never announced either, they just hinted at it in game with bounties, and later a tooltip before dropping it on people out of nowhere. Just like the tooltip they randomly added talking about Druids, who use spears.

Sep 03, 2019 00:20:12 AM
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