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I have Path of Exile installed on an SSD drive with limited free space, and NTFS compression is on for the whole drive if that matters. Whenever there is a patch for Path of Exile, it allocates or somehow locks up too much free space and to get it back, I usually need to restart my PC. For example before today's 110 MB patch, I had 7 GB free space on the drive, and after patch that became 2.30 GB. This problem happens after every patch.

Aug 23, 2019 06:22:48 AM

what you are doing is a very bad setup. SSD's will loose performens when you fill them up (there has to be like 20 - 30% free for max performens). Then to make things worse, you have enable compression of the drive witch again is a performens hit.

So you need to get a bigger SSD.

Aug 23, 2019 07:30:29 AM

My SSD already reserves space to prolong life, and compression usually improves performance not reduce it, but those have nothing to do with the problem I reported.

Aug 23, 2019 07:39:06 AM

well what you are reporting is normal for the update process.
I assume you are using the stand-alone client because it's even worse if you use the Steam client in regards to reserving space for update.

The only reason you have a problem is because your disc properly runs so full that update process doesn't complete properly.
Compressing data is not the best solution when the drive is full. NTFS will suffer badly from lack of space, because there are no more good places to allocate new files or move old files around and fragmentation will increase. Especially when it begins to use the reserved space for the MFT then the MFT might become fragmented and the worst things may happen.

So this could be why you have problems with space on your drive that "a restart" fixes.

I still say that you should do this with a SDD getting this full -->

Aug 23, 2019 11:48:32 AM

FYI, in case you are using Steam:

Steam makes a copy of the game files that are being updated, for security reasons (if the update fails, no need to redownload whole game).

Because GGG decided to put POE into one ?gpkk? file, a container[1], Steam makes a copy of said container file (over 20GB).

Either you get more free space, for the safety copy, or you use the Standalone installer.

You can not stop Steam from making a copy before the update.

[1] If you are interested why use a container file for games, Google has the answer. #gamedevelopment

Aug 24, 2019 01:04:33 AM
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