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I got rid of impale yesterday after a simple test:

Cyclone build pure physical (DickDeLioncourt); Cyclone-Fortify-MPDS-Brutality-Pulverise
Time to kill the shape bog boss (t15), no map modifier

Both impale clusters on the tree taken and impale support
Average time to kill 5 seconds.

Used ancestral warchief WITH impale support.
Average time to kill 3 seconds.

Removed impale clusters and took the damage and took only cleaving branch.
Added Infused channeling support.
DID NOT USE ancestral warchief.
Average time to kill 3 seconds.

With no impale, I can allocate 15% more life OR allocate wrecking ball node. I did not test with wrecking ball if it would be under 3 seconds.

Here is a back of napkin empirical test....:)

Thank you
P.S.: oh. And Infused channeling gives me a little bit more toughness also.

Aug 24, 2019 17:37:30 PM
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