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hmmm :(

Aug 20, 2019 23:12:28 PM

ugh tower defense

Aug 20, 2019 23:13:41 PM

Oh shit, here we go again

Aug 20, 2019 23:13:54 PM

so they still shit on standard? nice to know

Aug 20, 2019 23:14:45 PM

This looks like a nightmare for console players. Having to single out those weapon wheel menus while running around fighting tower defense style.... See you all next league!

Aug 20, 2019 23:15:20 PM

mind blown

Aug 20, 2019 23:15:24 PM

Tower Defense? Ok I can go with that , but while killing mobs? Are you kidding me?

What kind of a sophisticated decision can one make while beating mobs or getting chunked by mobs?

I thought you learned your lesson from Synthesis but jk...

Aug 20, 2019 23:15:29 PM

Synthesis to Core?

Long live flippers!!!!!!!!!! then people who kill mobs for loot and hope for good implicit will get there from where?
Honestly with insane results from legion and shit results from synthesis you still go synthesis on core?
let'see cyclone nerf, destroy molten strike and forced us to search for xxxxxxxxx websites to know what we want and what we don

It seeems ARPG is now more on google search then kill mobs and get loot

Aug 20, 2019 23:15:48 PM

hahahaha, tower defence. looks like fun :D

Aug 20, 2019 23:16:16 PM

lmao here comes the haters.

This looks lit af. Minion changes and added hotkeys is enough to get me hype, and I LOVE tower defense. Also been struggling to get some niche poison/chaos melee builds going so the new archetype is a very welcome addition.

Aug 20, 2019 23:17:40 PM
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