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You know what players hated?
Having to deal with throwing nets in a hectic environment.

You know what players also hated?
Having to deal with throwing flares and dynamite in a hectic environment.

So you know what players are going to hate next?
Micromanaging F'n towers in a F'n hectic environment.

Aug 20, 2019 23:51:42 PM

xecutable1 wrote:
Tower Defense? Ok I can go with that , but while killing mobs? Are you kidding me?

What kind of a sophisticated decision can one make while beating mobs or getting chunked by mobs?

I thought you learned your lesson from Synthesis but jk...

Don't strain yourself erecting a dispenser AND killing trash.

Dig up an army to fight trash FOR YOU while you MOVE DAT GEAR UP!

I just hope they don't mess with my Vaaletons. please.

Aug 20, 2019 23:52:11 PM

It looks like poop

Aug 20, 2019 23:52:41 PM

Tower defense. Seriously, you think this is a good idea?
Sure, if you wanna make it like Breach or Legion, where one pops a pod, deals with mobs and tendrils, that would be good. But tower defense? Recall how well bestiary league started? Yeah, it did not start well, it did not go well, hell, it was not a good league, and in the end you had to throw a flashback. Please, do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Aug 20, 2019 23:52:51 PM

wow, new league mechanic looks absolutely terrible. as unimaginative as can be and really counter intuitive to what PoE is about. ill pass on this one...

PS: why didn't you put this into a mobile game (tons of MTX possibilities there too LULW)

Aug 20, 2019 23:52:52 PM

Looks fun!!

Aug 20, 2019 23:53:32 PM

I love the QoL changes.

I hated the Tower Defense idea - and I can imagine my FPS just by looking at the trailer.


Where are the ranger ascendancy reworks?

Now a personal request tho...

Where are the new ranged COLD bow skills?
(there is only Ice Shot right now...
Witch has a ton of lightning skills and Marauder has a ton of Fire skills...
Im a simple man, Im not asking too much, am I?)

I guess Ill skip this league too.

Aug 20, 2019 23:54:49 PM

new minner yeahhhhhh boy

Aug 20, 2019 23:55:32 PM

Launching it 6 days before broderlands 3 release 😂 playerbase Will take a dump 6 days after launch Poe leuges Comes and goes a few Times a year, broderlands 2 came 7 years ago, borderlands 3 is hyped.
Im sad i Will only be able to play Poe 6 days 😕

Aug 20, 2019 23:56:24 PM

Nice overall changes. Was thinking about doing my first league, but Blight doesnt look like my style, so I'll stay in standard.

Aug 20, 2019 23:56:39 PM
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