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So i managed to get to Uber Elder now with all the Bugs ,Chrashes and Framerate Issues i have . Since there is no way to join a Clan or meet players in chats , this is how im trying to get some people into my friendlist to get the job done . My biggest Issue is the 3rd phase when the smaller NPCs spawning , my framerate goes down and im always getting caught to the Balls or Laser , Flame dashing around is no Option for me , because its rubberband me back 4times out of 5. Spend now so much time and currency for the fragments , trying now get some help from players who can give me a hand .

PSN: illy666 (short message pls that its for POE)


Aug 16, 2019 12:40:29 PM

wow , managed to get Uber Elder to 10% life and guess what happened .......... fckn error blue screen really ?
It was last portal , really GGG , pretty pissed now !

Aug 16, 2019 14:20:15 PM
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