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Why in the hell is this game blue screening so much it makes no sense. I can be doing nothing standing in my hideout or doing a map with 15 mods and I blue screen at least 3 x a day. Now today I buy a map ... wait 15 mins to get the trade accepted (an ongoing issue with the market and no way to communicate between players which is more bs) craft my map. It happens to be shaper influenced and it has Jun which is why I wanted to do the map to begin with. I dont know how to post videos if someone wants to help me I'd loooooooooove to share this with everyone. Its grainy it's on an angle its recording my TV from my phone but I'm more then sure you'll get the jist and see what I just experienced. I didnt record starting back up but my entire map is gone now and I didnt get to the point of doing the map which was Jun. So I ask why. Why in hell is this game so unstable it's a console theres no reason ... not one. I want this explained.

Aug 12, 2019 18:45:07 PM
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