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I was a tester and I bought the game a few months ago when it came out. It is pretty good after their wretched 2 futuristic entries in the series.

They are selling a season pass. I was not going to buy it but I'm thinking maybe I will since it looks as if I will end up spending the same or more on DLC piecemeal.

Anyone else play? Or another in series? I know they are not popular in US but have a following in Europe (especially Germany).

Aug 02, 2019 04:19:13 AM

I've almost bought some of the Anno games several times, but not gone through with it. They look pretty interesting, but I'm afraid I would get bored of them too fast.

Aug 19, 2019 16:38:20 PM

Can't help but compare it to Civ V, which for all its obvious broken mechanics and years of Civ memebuilds, people still play.

It looks very nice, so I would imagine it would give my Anno 2010 computer fits.

Iguess I would be interested in playing it if it had the kind of moddability and spectacular RTS ship battles and such that Age of Empires 3 had.

Now that's a game I played the crap out of. Custom campaigns, custom random maps, standalone modpacks like Napoleonic Era and Triple Alliance, the joys of OP civs, opponents desyncing games that were not going in their favour, reaching the entity limit on the Peninsular Wars map...ouch

Not gonna lie, I was hoping A1800 had some old-fashioned continental sabre-rattling.

I'd really have to watch more plays of this. Most reviews I've seen are based on the trailer, and that's not informative. It looks FUN but the first thing I think in all honesty, is "can I make an eco tweaks modpack for Civ V that essentially models this game in the US$60 game I already own and know how to play?"

Aug 19, 2019 19:30:06 PM

the game has absolutely nothing to do with 4x games like Civ. Its a real time city builder simulation with it's main objective in production chains and management. How did you come to the strange idea comparing it with civ V?

I mean the game has almost no combat, no research or exploration outside of a small minigame. So well, a completly other genre.

as to your question at the end? no you cannot.

to the game itself: played about 300~ hours. like most other annos(not looking at you 2250) it was quite fun and i did manage an impressive city of 200k people. but season pass? i think not.

Aug 20, 2019 00:32:19 AM

The dlc which is cheap not only gives you this steampunk inventor guy that gives you a diving bell and secret maps but there is a new area with one HUGE island. Well worth the very low price, imo.

Aug 22, 2019 02:00:43 AM
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