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Flesh ripper 2h

Phys DMG 179-280
Lightning DMG 5-179
Crit 7.50%
Aps 1.44

50% increased critical strike
Level 18 onslaught
124% increased Phys damage
5-176 lightning damage
20% attack speed
31% increased critical multiplier
20% increased attack speed if killed recently

Has open suffix/prefix

Open too offers pm or reply

Jul 05, 2019 21:54:34 PM

You are better off rerolling the Fleshripper if you are crafting it. Onslaught support is pretty bad considering there are various sources of Onslaught via passives, jewels, flasks, etc. AND it's not even a damage multiplier to the socketed skill.

In comparison to Fortify Support/Phys % where you get the 20% mitigation from Fortify AND a damage multiplier to the socketed skill of up to 34% MORE damage at level 20.

Jul 08, 2019 17:26:12 PM
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