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Hi Everyone, Im SerenityPrime and I've just started streaming.

My schedule is (UTC+9:30)
Mon-Thursday 7pm - 11pm
Friday 7pm - 1am
Saturday - 2pm - 12 am
Sunday 12pm - 10pm

I intend to stick very closely to this schedule so you know exactly when I'll be streaming.

Some background on me, Im from Adelaide, South Australia so dont let my slight British accent throw you off, I apparently developed that as a kid and its stuck with me since then. I've logged over 2000 hours on steam before switching over to the stand alone client back around incursion, so I've easily racked up over 3000+ hours in the game. This by no means makes me an expert at the game. I understand the mechanics pretty thoroughly, but i'll be honest, my execution often falls short skill wise.

I've decided to start streaming regularly purely for the fun of it. My Internet is good enough to stream now so I thought why not.

At the same time I'm also launching a Youtube channel over at to showcase, and i'll admit it right now, my very average builds, as well as stream highlights and video making bloopers. I currently intend on doing a few video series, the first of which will be a very in depth analysis of each story boss.

I intend to take up racing whenever one comes up and will stream all my practicing. I have one goal in mind, and that is to rank in the top ten just once. SO if you want to see someone who has never done racing progress from total noob, to (hopefully) pro racer, check me out when a race is coming up.

I'd love for you guys to come take a look at my stream and give me feedback on my builds. I'd love to know what I can do better to make better and more fun characters

Everyone's welcome to my stream, especially new players that want to learn to various game mechanics. I'm happy to go over a mechanic as many times as anyone needs to fully understand it. I'll post all my builds in this thread as soon as i'm satisfied with them.

I'd love to hear from you guys in chat so for those who want to check out my stream please jump on over to

Jul 02, 2019 10:36:40 AM
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