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Incan&Divine flesh is a good combo but not actually like 150% more health. Small hits get less penalty from pvp dmg scaling and chaos damage also get benefits from it.

For my 80% pen build, divine flesh makes me do 30~% less damage. with Incan some more.
Well its still quite good actually.

Jun 21, 2019 18:48:38 PM

Divine flesh is really really good.

Jun 21, 2019 19:38:41 PM

50% less damage taken translates to 100% more health.

Jun 21, 2019 23:16:14 PM

Divine Flesh at 75% damage shifted and 90% max chaos res (assuming 75% ele pen and 0% chaos pen of attacker) reducing incoming PvP damage by 37-38% (depending on initial hit damage)
For example 30% fortify grants only 19% PvP reduction.

It's good for sure, It could be a problem with extremely high eHP achievable on STD league. But it's not that crazy good as you may think. 58-61% more eHP for 6k life build is still not sufficient.

(50% damage shifted, 85% max chaos res works only as 15.5% reduction or 17.6% more eHP)

Jun 22, 2019 09:59:12 AM
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