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Jun 11, 2019 01:48:15 AM

I would love to try out this skill, but I don't have the slots in my task bar to spare, just like how I don't use focus...

Jun 12, 2019 01:42:57 AM

I'm really liking this for my cyclone trickster. I'm basically using it as boss fight mode and map clearing mode.

Jun 16, 2019 22:19:54 PM

I am playing a Gladiator with dominating blow. I am planning to use the arena challenger ascendancy keystone. I started to use Blood and Sand so that I can have it leveled when I am ready to use arena challenger, however, it does not seem to work with dominating blow. When I turn on the blood and sand aura nothing about the stats of dominating blow change. Is this intended? Please confirm whether blood and sand is or is not compatible with dominating blow.

Jun 19, 2019 21:21:48 PM

Is it intentional that the XP required to get this gem to max level is 50% higher than most other gems?

Also will the GCP recipe work with this one to get 20% quality (since it doesn't get to level 20)?

Finally the quality bonus is poor, 2% faster cooldown recovery is nothing

Jun 24, 2019 03:30:11 AM

L00 wrote:
I'm really liking this for my cyclone trickster. I'm basically using it as boss fight mode and map clearing mode.

Indeed. Love the ability to switch stances on the fly. Combined with Flesh and Stone this lets my facebreaker champ have a defensive/AoE mode and a offensive boss killer mode w/o having to swap gems!

Really well implemented with the stance switching.

Jun 24, 2019 13:05:50 PM

Quality on Blood and Sand seems worthless to me (as someone who doesn't switch between the stances). Even if I did switch (Sand for mobs, blood for bosses), I could wait however long necessary to move to the new stance. Seems like a garbage stat to attach to quality.

Jul 01, 2019 16:45:35 PM

Make Blood and Sand work with more neccessary support gems for Single Target strike Skills like change behaviour of Ancestral Call to hit single target multiple times in blood stance.

Sep 10, 2019 22:14:51 PM
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