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accualisdolan wrote:
Not the same Exception, but an exception nonetheless.
Have you tried to run a pack check ("verify integrity of games files" on steam)?

Yes, i checked, the error did not disappear...
This error occurs after pressing "ok" on Exception [Present]

Jun 17, 2019 17:38:19 PM

Noticed that geforce experience did not bring optimizations for poe like it did for other games.

Used DDU in safemode to uninstall.

Now there is optimizations for poe.
Left to see if the crashes are gone too...

Jun 17, 2019 17:57:04 PM

Guys, check this driver version


Jun 17, 2019 20:08:05 PM

No crashes yet.
Running recent game ready.

Jun 17, 2019 20:31:39 PM


Exeption crash even in hideout.

well it was worth a shot i gues

Jun 18, 2019 18:46:24 PM

Same problem here, crashed 3 times in 1 minute with "Exception Present" didn't break any map or so, but still ...

Edit: Seems I was too hasty with my judgment, now it crashes 1 sec after starting, before main menu already. Changing Exceptions as I click OK or Enter between "Present", "CreateShaderResourceViewEx", "CreateBuffer", "CreateDeferredContext", "CreateSwapChainForHwnd" and any effect problems, for example "Metadata/Effects/Spells/monsters_effects/hell_lion_death/".

If you don't kill it it closes itself after around 5 mins on its own.

Tried to change graphics settings to potato, dx11 or without, overclocking extreme on or off, restarting ... all didn't help.

Sad that I can't "play" even the main menu, I liked it.

Jun 18, 2019 22:30:51 PM

this probably won't help anybody here, but I had those crashes for a couple leagues now. tried every workaround/fix that was mentioned here or anywhere else on the internet. tried fixing those crashes for months.

the only thing that fixed it was buying a new graphics card. switched from the gtx 1080 to the rtx 2080. now, it's smooth gameplay and haven't crashed in days on 4k high video settings

Jun 19, 2019 07:39:00 AM

For anyone still having issues with this and watching this thread, I accidentally caused this to occur today and now I think I may know the cause.

I was messing around with windows services [Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services] and stopped the Display Policy Service which almost immediately produced the error. Once I had it back on I received the error messages that Pathofexile.exe had been blocked from accessing graphics hardware.

If you're having issues I'd check if that service is enabled and running, also perhaps check the GraphicsPerfSvc and Diagnostic Policy Service that may be related because I switched those off too.

Jun 19, 2019 09:51:12 AM

Update to my issue, maybe it can help you all:

After that issue with the PoE Exceptions started all other 3D (mainly games) applications stopped working aswell, it even effected some normal windows functions by black screening from time to time a few seconds.

After some research in the internet and so on I found this:

The last point "Fix 2: Update your display driver" and updating all my drivers solved my problems!
For me that tool found 25 devices with outdated drivers.

Many from the year 2006 and publisher windows instead of the normal device producer (for example Intel). This I would interpret so far that those drivers have been destroyed/corrupted, by whatever reason (maybe PoE exceptions) and windows used some old fallback drivers so that the systems runs rudimentary atleast.

Conclusion: Updating graphic card and display drivers manually solved my problem.

Good luck and many more hours of fun in PoE to you all :-)

Jun 19, 2019 20:10:45 PM

I've had this problem only since the beginning of this league. Updated all my drivers, tried all the tips and nothing worked - still crashing about every ten minutes or so (sometimes even more often). I GGG changed something in this league and it's messing up a lot of peoples games. After this many people having the problems, I think they need to dedicate some resources to help find the root of the cause here.

Jun 19, 2019 22:02:20 PM
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