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Likely the last update from me.

Ok, i have a new RTX 2070 that i got a few weeks back which replaced a GTX 1060 3gb.

I still have the GTX 1060 so decided to swap them out and see what happens.

ZERO crashes with the GTX 1060 after playing for about 3 hours... SUCCESS!

So i thought maybe the RTX will work now so i swapped it out... 5 minutes later: Exception [Present]


Back to the GTX 1060 i go...

Hopefully this info will aid GGG in finding a solution... Hopefully they will at least achknowledge this problem!!


Jun 12, 2019 17:47:38 PM

Somehow removing production_Config from doc/games/Path of Exile fix that fo me. Not just edit, but completely remove file and lett the game create new one.

Jun 12, 2019 20:02:11 PM

Bump cause I wanna play.

Jun 13, 2019 00:41:58 AM

i had multiple crashes on synthesis and now on legion it still up

Jun 13, 2019 02:52:03 AM

I just started getting this Exception Present error today. When is this getting fixed?

Jun 14, 2019 04:08:03 AM

I'm still getting this, none of the 'fixes' work. I really believe this is tied to my RTX 2080 as someone else mentioned having an RTX.

Jun 14, 2019 17:25:06 PM

I´ve got the same problem since legion league. Non of the patches fixed it (also not the latest ones from today). Constantly crashing completely random (in town, in ho, in maps, delve)=always exception [present]. I´ve played the game for about 4000 hours and didn´t have crashes this much at any league before. Using a 770 gtx!

Jun 14, 2019 17:53:26 PM

To add some hopefully useful data:

The game was running fine until I installed the Windows 10 Pro 1803 Patch, after which all the above listed errors started occurring for me. Something about the Microsoft update, the game, and my Nvidia drivers seems to be interacting weirdly.

Has anyone using an AMD graphics card reported this issue?

Windows 10 Patch 1803
Dual Xeon 5650
GeForce 1660

Kindest regards


Jun 14, 2019 21:08:54 PM

I seem to have fixed this issue for now by installing an older nvidia driver.
Previously I'd tried just rolling back my driver, but that didn't work. Instead this time i tried installing one from March and so far I'm not getting errors. Worth a try maybe?

Jun 15, 2019 00:54:59 AM

I am getting this crash on my RTX 2080 and is occurring for me on the same delve node consistently. When mapping and I log back in to the game after the crash, the map becomes fully revealed.

Jun 15, 2019 01:34:56 AM
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