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Prior to Blight I would get this error every few hours. No big deal.

Since Blight patch I'm now I'm getting it every few minutes, in practically every zone. The game has been basically unplayable, and I'm incredibly frustrated.

So far I've tried:

Windowed / Windowed Fullscreen / Fullscreen

Resetting NVIDIA settings to default

Re-installing video drivers

Sound / No sound

Vsync on / off

Lowered all graphics to minimum

Nothing has made even a bit of difference so far.

An interesting little side-note, when I re-enter the area I have a completely revealed mini-map.

// Computer specs

Windows 10

GTX 770


16GB ram

SSD (roughly 75% full)

EDIT: I've now tried with Multithreading off, Audio channels to low, still no change. But I'm starting to notice it occurs about 50% of the time when I encounter Cassia in a new zone (when she starts singing).

EDIT 2: Also occurs about 50% of the time that I start the Blight encounter. If I get past these two "checks" I rarely get a crash during/after the encounter.

EDIT 3: 3.8.0d seemed to fix the crash when I encounter Cassia, however still crashing several times during the Blight encounter. Sometimes with Exception: Present, sometimes with no popup.

Sep 09, 2019 16:14:47 PM

I'm getting this as well, but one thing i've noticed is when i get back to that zone the minimap is 100% revealed.

Sep 09, 2019 17:37:25 PM

Same here. Sometimes already crashes in login server

Edit: Still exception present after 1 miunte in game. Installed new Microsoft Frame Work Updates and updated my GPU to newest driver.

Sep 10, 2019 00:26:32 AM

Same issue here.


Exception - Present


Exception - CreateShaderResourceViewEx

... it always crashes but why?!

Sep 10, 2019 04:22:30 AM

Getting also this exception after some minutes ingame.

Playing on a cloud PC from with a NVIDIA Quadro P5000.
This is the first league I got this issue, never had problems before.

Also tried to set the NVIDIA Setting to default, but it keeps crashing.

Not playable this league.

Is there already an solution for this?


Sep 10, 2019 19:39:49 PM

I keep getting the same issue, I didn't seem to have great issues with it beforehand, but might it be when too much is going on at once on the screen? I have got it now 6 times in a row at this point:

And I could not even complete the first lab without a friend who came in and ran Izaro for me (always crashed at Izaro) first encounter, probably the others as well.

So far I can only think it's because too many things are happening at once, a
Although that sounds ludicrous. I had no problem with this on my Elemental hit totem build however, as that's how I got to maps

Sep 10, 2019 21:14:18 PM

crashed like every 5min until today
seems like everytime a lot was going on (activating stuff, syndicate encounter etcpp) it was good bye with crash to desktop

searched for help here in the forum
i was using a tool called "riva tuner" which capped the fps at a chosen point so you could get more stable fps
i turned it off and fooled around with some poe starting options "-gc 2 -swa --nodx9ex"

i am playing for 2 hours straight now with no crash

im total noob, dont even know what exactly i did there but fuck me if i touch anyting thats running (again!)
wanted to post it because i tried for days to fix this and if someone with knowledge can make heads and tail out of this i helped :p

Sep 10, 2019 22:43:20 PM

I just got this error first time in roughly 5000 hours.

Same as said before - when I return to map, it is fully revealed.

This bug occured when I was fighting the second part of legion monolith. It seemed to be connected to one specific legion monster - I can always get to the monster but when it should "appear" on my screen, the game crashes (Exception - Present error). I tried approaching from 3 different sidesand always the game crashed when the one monster was about to enter my screen (I saw the "currency" reward getting close to my screen on map).

Lost 40% of level, lost map and legion rewards :(

Sep 11, 2019 00:46:35 AM

I have to uninstall this game after thousands of hours man. I had it loop crash making me hard-restart the PC because the video card wouldn't come back.

This is scary as hell with the money I put into my hobby.

GOodbye poe :(

Sep 11, 2019 00:53:38 AM

Are we really still getting nothing but crickets from GGG on all these various but constant crashes?

Sep 11, 2019 01:24:01 AM
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