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Jun 05, 2019 03:34:24 AM

Personally I think they gain enough income from the PC version and the PS4 is an afterthought.
I stopped playing because of some skill graphics bugs on the main interface (greyscale instead of colour) and my report on this forum was ignored and not even acknowledged.
I don't like spending money supportiong a game when bugs are ignored.

Jun 05, 2019 04:12:24 AM

if you want me to put more money on the PS4 version you need to fix the crashes first!

Jun 05, 2019 05:30:29 AM

I stopped playing cause of your crashes and bugs. Want money make it enjoyable.

Jun 05, 2019 05:58:09 AM

RE: Those who have mentioned the crashes etc and this large "Patch" being for MTX ONLY..........

WTF...... the MTX was stated to be released May 28th, (a week after PC got the same thing). A huge patch with no game error issues being addressed at all........... I have over 60 logged error reports in the past 30 days alone, I think fixing that instead of asking for money would have been a better way to keep people interested in playing the game.....


Jun 05, 2019 06:13:33 AM

Guys stop cry ...
we had only the first introduction to the game (Synthesis).
Give GGG time to repair everything, it will not happen in a week.
Praise the sun \\[T]//

Jun 05, 2019 07:07:16 AM

We have patience, but at least in some form or another i want someone to acknowlede the crash error. that would be huge. instill some confidence in your game and this huge potential player base. I want to support this version instead of PC because i got my friends into it, in fact the majority of the gamers i know only have ps4 or xbone. all potential cusomers who otherwise would love this game. all these people ive had try it tho who have ultimatley said in frustration that they wana quit, when the crashes are at really inopportune moments and more than 5-6 times in the 2-3 hours they play. I love the game, they like this game but i have to work to get them back. Im positive my story here is not a unique one. the crash issue should be the #1 priority. otherwise this huge potential playerbase will not end up buying the mtxs let alone simply playing the game.

Jun 05, 2019 09:59:24 AM

Just don't download it. There will be another patch in the next few days with 3.7 content and maybe some fixes; nothing is motivating me to randomly switch-on my PS4 at this late stage in the league just to grab this pointless thing.

Jun 05, 2019 12:11:22 PM

MatiQ275 wrote:
Guys stop cry ...
we had only the first introduction to the game (Synthesis).
Give GGG time to repair everything, it will not happen in a week.
Praise the sun \\[T]//

Take your fanboy glasses of, Xbox is in this sate for 2 years (in august)..

Typical GGG patch, not disappointed because I didn't expect much out of this company anymore. Some ages ago I was like "damn I feel sorry for GGG that Tencent is now a part of them" but now I feel like "damn I feel sorry for Tencent that GGG is part of them".

Jun 05, 2019 13:18:07 PM

Good waiting this supporter pack so long i'm new player and love game soo far.
And see that everybody speak about " BLUE SCREEN " but how much I play I get maybe 4 blue screen errors so I guess they fixing it.

Waiting that day when fps drops be better and I can play SSFHC league.

Jun 05, 2019 14:32:24 PM
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