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I'm a relatively new player, on console, so I've never played Pvp on PoE but from what I see and hear it doesn't seem like I'm missing out on much. HOWEVER I think PoE needs a better Pvp / cooperative experience for the game's player base to grow.


If GGG had the resources to make custom servers where players could play 3v3 league fashioned games where each exile has a banner that spawns ally's so enemy's can farm kills for flasks and souls while ─║defeatong the other team in some objective based format.

Being able to use customized endgame characters in a customized game would force all my friends into trying this game. Please GGG, I just want every one I know to love to this game too.

I know this is asking a lot from the developers but am I the only person who thinks this would make the game wildly more successful?

May 30, 2019 02:14:33 AM

I think another option could be PvPvE. So, something thats more like moba, more with teamplay, and have more than 1 gamemode beyond just ffa or ctf.

Something like moba, or wave defense, or ziggurat survival, or even horde mode

Jun 24, 2019 21:02:07 PM

We need something more like Guild vs Guild that guild wars 1 had. SO FUN!

Jun 30, 2019 19:24:20 PM
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