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When old masters return as slaves..

A lush hideout designed to be efficient as possible while looking calm and relaxing. It's made for everyday use. Everything needed is around and close to the map device. Helena and stashes are together(items can be vendored or stashed without moving). Then waypoint, Alva, Jun(got added after video) and Navali. Unneeded Niko and Einhar are far away. All portals work, every master has their own places.

NOTE: Video is of version 3.0 and screenshots are of version 3.2 and will be updated as soon as possible.


UPDATE (3.1): Helena is moved to the hut, right after stashes and Jun is standing at where Helena is in the video. It's much efficient this way.

UPDATE (3.2): Some trees disappeared after making hideout file last time. I replaced the trees and updated the download link.

UPDATE (3.3): Two of the fences in Navali's place seems to be removed when making the hideout file. Made them even better than before! This part is not in screenshots yet, but will be added soon.

UPDATE (3.5): Added a hidden temple entrance to one of the waterfalls. Also another arch to the bridge. And some minor additions/changes.


Hideout Showcase(for screenshots):

Download(direct link):

May 24, 2019 02:47:09 AM

So far it looks kind of okay.
You are missing a lot of detail to be honest, little touches help a lot.
and I feel like this hideout did not go well with the design u were going for.

Still a great try and looking forward for a more indepth build.

Jun 27, 2019 21:13:52 PM

Thanks. Actually this is the first hideout I made. Just kept on improving it. Tried to make a simple one with lots of open air for everyday usage. I find majority of famous/showcased etc. hideouts over-complex and tiring for everyday usage. Tho still, planning to make a Sunken hideout with that understanding, it just refused to unlock until now.

Edit: Added a little bit more stuff.

Sep 05, 2019 01:14:06 AM
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