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Can you tell me how the illuminated devotion works while it says: while you have arcane surge.
i cant find it in your build though?

Jun 12, 2019 02:51:31 AM

You have two unnecessary 10% area of effect nodes connected to Deep Wisdom that could be put into Amplify for 20% additional AoE damage with with same Increased Area of Effect for the build.

Jun 12, 2019 03:02:23 AM

silverdash wrote:
How I solved the physical problem:
CWDT + IC + Inc. Duration + L-golem and Conviction of Power Ascendancy. No more deaths by porcupines and Legion physical spam. You will still die to one-hits though.

Currently with Tabula I have 3800hp, 2500ES and 1300 unreserved mana (out of 4050 because of HoT still) for a combined total of 7600 'hp' but no dodge/eva/armor and get stunned easily. So overall survivability is still crappy compared to other builds but this build is relatively cheap.

I still need a solution for quickly clearing Obelisks with a larger AOE skill.

Idk how good it is compared to the super builds like ed+cont but you can run lesser multiple projectiles as your green gem for better clear in that type of situation.

Jun 12, 2019 05:45:35 AM

Hey, I think someone asked this before and it didn't get answered.
Illuminated devotion requires Arcane Surge. Where do we get this from?

Jun 12, 2019 08:19:56 AM

I see quite some posts about weapons and clear. I have done some preliminary calculations with the new pledge of hands. If Wiki is correct, the DPS should be similar or better than dual void batteries, and the clear and everything will be plain better. You can drop power charge nodes and replace them with the cast speed and staff crit nodes, Egnigmatic Reach and Serpent Stance, respectively. The only thing I have not calculated is eHP recovery, but I will try to test it vs. Shaper over the weekend. Unfortunately, I do not even have these few exalts in standard to buy 6L pledge, so I will need to play trading simulator for a while.

Jun 12, 2019 10:19:26 AM

silverdash wrote:

Btw, any tips for activating those Legion statues at the obelisks in within the time limit with this build? Do we have to put in a GMP or something? The problem is mostly that our area coverage is way too small and thus regardless of DPS we often won't be able to activate them all. Also Spell Echo delays us a lot here.

Yes, GMP is a good replacement for slower projectiles, as the latter are only useful for end-game bosses. Regarding the legion, I tend to run to the last rows just after touching the obelisk, as the stashes are typically there. The clear speed should not matter that much in such case.

silverdash wrote:

Huge waste of XP & Loot if you can't activate them all in higher tier maps.
I was thinking of some off-hand bigger AOE skill at the cost of DPS to handle this? Maybe some sort of 2h staff? But what gem-setup?

I will check new pledge of hands this weekend. Should be much better, but I need to test eHP recovery. Regarding the gem setup replace power charge on crit with increased crit chance.

silverdash wrote:

Also I have problems with Legion physical damage since: 0 armor, no dodge, no eva. We could use a granite flask with the extra armor mod maybe until we get better gear? Not sure yet.

The changes to accuracy really hurt the casters. I am also surprised how often I die in legion, and my new character has over 7k eHP already at lvl 80. Granite flask is not a bad idea. I used it in Shaper video too.

Jun 12, 2019 10:29:42 AM

silverdash wrote:
Also another tree optimization:
Use the Precision node (left of Templar) instead of the cast speed nodes near witch since they give the same + more.

Thanks! In 3.6 the cast speed was slower on these nodes. I will update the trees and PoB over the weekend.

Jun 12, 2019 10:31:26 AM

Skyforth are expensive atm. Any other options?

Brine king pantheon. Occasional stuns are ok, it is the stun-lock that kills you. Skyforth is just BiS, but it is not high-priority gear.

Jun 12, 2019 10:33:46 AM

noob1 wrote:
Small alteration.

You mean to say Increased Crit Strikes instead of Increased Crit (there are two blue crit gems)

Increased Critical Strikes - the ones that increases the critical strike chance.

Jun 12, 2019 10:35:56 AM

NewArkhadiam wrote:
Ir Works with ARC instead of Lightning Ball?

Unfortunately, not. Arc does not hit that often to get high eHP recovery.

Jun 12, 2019 10:37:45 AM
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