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Ghazzy wrote:
Intensify wrote:
Any reason why the PoB links all have a Malachai's Artifact with +36% Cast Speed? I'm trying to figure out why is that mod there.

The cast speed from the ascendancy nodes wasn't calculated in PoB, I don't think it does now either unless I missed it in a PoB patch note.

Ah that's it! The 3 Ghost Shroud attack and cast speed, right? I was starting to think chancing Elder rings had extra effects lol...

Neat, thanks for the reply!

May 27, 2019 17:21:52 PM

just got to say this is by far one the most fun builds ive played. I love it. but @ 4.5khp and 1kes, my main concern is leech or recovery of some form before i take shaper and guardians on. I have doryanis invitation and i definitly notice during mapping, but on bosses its just not enough if i take a big hit and my life flask is gone.

Keep in mind I understand usually we DELETE bosses literally. but certain phase bosses, like yugul, malachai, etc...have given me trouble which is why i wnat to do something before jumping in to shaper.

Any ideas? currency sinks? im willing to spend

May 27, 2019 21:35:25 PM

I wanted to try this winterorb stuff people are talking about (before the melee rework and wo nerf), and i got to say, despite the fact i don't really like how WO works, you made a really fun build out of it, thank you!!!!
Jumping like a nutcase and exploding the screen is a blast.

Thank you Ghazzy!

May 30, 2019 02:26:35 AM

it's pretty messed up that you stole this build from the chinese guy and then called it your own

at least credit the guy for taking his build

May 31, 2019 22:05:49 PM

Hello I just want to thank you! First build I was able to down uber elder (only on 1 death). really cool build.
P.S: chineese guy is mentioned in video guide - Ghazzy said he made this build as cheap as possible (which is true - it costs me around 4ex in total but due to flashback overpriced items)

Jun 01, 2019 22:32:45 PM

Will you update this to 3.7? ;O

Jun 05, 2019 18:26:57 PM

Hey guys,

I'm having some serious issues getting my guides updated in time for this league. As many of you know, I'm not a full-time streamer I work parttime job(s) to make ends meet and a few weeks ago I lost the job giving me guaranteed shifts. With this in mind I signed a contract a bit over a month ago to work at a rock festival here in Sweden (Sweden Rock Festival) which is where I'm sending this message from.
I've borrowed Hannas laptop so that I could make sure the guides got updated in time, however, I'm working 16-20h shifts with almost no sleep and just now finished the patch notes before heading to bed. So without looking at the tree in detail I will therefor give my verdicts of the builds further down in this post on all my build guides.

I sleep in a caravan during the event with 0 power supply so getting the computer charged is my main priority for tomorrow so that I could hopefully get PoB working on this shitty Apple laptop and I hope I can get the guides updated before Legion releases.

With this said and before I leave comments below specific for each guide I've posted this to:
Myself and many others are discussing builds, reviews, my guides over at my discord server where you are more than welcome to get help from myself & many other PoE veterans on a daily basis, specially now before a league release. I'm able to get my phone charged at the work place but I'm unable to have the laptop there for a variety of risk reasons,

I hope you can forgive this one shitty situation out of the 6 years I've been making sure build guides with quality is available for the community and hope I can deliver on this release as well..

The Winter Orb skill took a huge nerf bat to the face, however, without seeing how the build looks with numeric values on PoB it's impossible to determine if it works on a theoretical level. The boss damage has been untouched we are only concerned about the clear damage / speed. it SHOULDN'T be a problem for this build though.

As mentioned above, I hope I can make sure the tree & PoB as well as the guide is sorted before release. In case this thread gets spammed I would love if someone could help Quote this message for new people to see the message so that noone is left in the dark which is very important to me and I hope you guys will have an amazing league start. I'll be back on Sunday to salvage what needs to be salvaged and then create new inspiring guides for the community!

Jun 05, 2019 22:52:42 PM

Thanks Ghazzy, while I am sure that most of your work goes unrewarded, there are those of us that are eternally grateful to you for what you provide us.

Hope you enjoy the festival (even though you're working).

Jun 06, 2019 13:28:15 PM

Can i share it ?

Jun 07, 2019 12:52:27 PM
if you dont agree , i will delete it (so bad my english is so bad).

Jun 07, 2019 12:55:01 PM
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