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I've also been brainstorming a life based DO build. The dot does not stack and is mitigated by chaos resistance.

I may have missed it, but +non-ailment chaos damage over time multiplier is far and away the best dps mod for this build. Jewels with said mod are pretty easy to craft since aberrant fossils are so cheap. Wands/staffs with this t1 mod are very rare but absolutely worth MULTIMODDING. I know, I alt crafted one in betrayal after I was done with league and made a DO occultism.

Aug 13, 2019 08:12:31 AM

You indicate to put Guardian in Ascendancy skill tree, but I see Occultist in PoB.

Aug 18, 2019 08:30:11 AM

Sorry for double post

Is it still available for 3.8 ?

Sep 09, 2019 21:43:01 PM
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