Forum Index Ranger [3.6] Bravo's Shooty Girls - Blink+Mirror Arrow Deadeye ~1M Shaper DPS


Big fan of this build , my favorite hipster league starter.

Would a build like this be possible as phys damage ? Can get a bow with 55% chance to bleed, stack minion dmg can the clones do good bleed dmg ?

Aug 19, 2019 06:40:03 AM

You might want to use the new unique boots : The stampede

It adds to the build 66% increased cooldown recovery speed, which is really huge, and the possibility to get a notable from everywhere on the tree.

Sep 04, 2019 09:09:52 AM

Yup. The build should be a good deal stronger this league. I'd say Necro might actually be the best pick now too.

Sep 08, 2019 04:36:06 AM
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