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Greetings everyone! :)

Legion is here and we are excited to show you our videos of a Duelist Cyclone Slayer going crazy - Visit Our Channel. We'll be running a complete series to videos and if you like the ones we have on our YouTube channel for free, do subscribe to Our Patreon Page and show us your support. :) We'll be posting our exclusive POE gameplay videos there for our Patreon members. We love YouTube channel subscriptions, too.

We hope you enjoy our videos. We play other games, too and we'll be uploading more POE videos very soon. :D

God bless. :)

Cyclone-Slayer-Duelist Planned Skill Tree

1. Dodging Hillock and Welcome to Legion League!
2. Double Strike over Dual Strike and Hailrake's Boss Signalling
3. Perforate Underwhelms, Ancestral Call Boosts Double Strike
4. First Legion Monolith, Big Magic Clubs, Path of Crashes
5. Path of Crashes Continues, Dashing is Nice Though
6. Two Monoliths and Newbie-friendly Legion
7. The Warden is Heavily Struck Out
8. Legion Dudes have Banners! ...and Merveil
9. Double Strike + Leap Slam and Chain Hook + Leap Slam Combos
10. A Tryst with Alira, the Western Forest Tamed
11. Dead Farmers Transform into Cool Bosses
12. Felshire, Maligaro, Weird Severed Hands, and Hopping Around
13. Trial of Ascendancy and Ascending the Stairs of the Pyramid
14. Running Five Auras and Rushing Through the Southern Forest
15. Having Fun with 1,500 DPS Chain Hook, Leap Slam, Double Strike, and Five Auras
16. The Marketplace, the Catacombs, and the Solaris Temple
17. The Lunaris Temple, Gravicius and the Cyclone
18. Normal Labyrinth, Izaro's Wind-up and Downfall
19. Dominus Ascendant, Voll, and Highgate
20. Daresso and Koam's Dreams
21. Belly of the Beast, the Nightmare, Malachai's Ruin
22. The Slave Pens of Oriath, the Control Blocks
23. Oriath Square, The Chamber of Innocence, the God-Emperor of Eternity
24. The Templar Courts, The Ossuary, The Reliquary
25. Kitava's Insatiable Kamehameha Wave, Return to Lioneye's Watch
26. Act 5 and Tukohama, the Dude with a Club and Fire
27. Shavronne, Brutus, and Abberath, Lightning and Fire to Purge Them All
28. Ryslatha, the Southern Forest, and the Cavern of Anger
29. Tsoagoth, the Brine King and his bride, Nessa
30. The Crossroads, the Unbreaking Queen of the Fellshire Ruins
31. Maligaro, the Artist, and his Black Death, using Bug Spray
32. Cruel Labyrinth, Double Strike, in-game Bleeding
33. The Death of Greust and Part One of Sleeping at the Keyboard
34. Arakaali, Silk, and Doedre and Part Two of Sleeping at the Keyboard
35. The High Gardens and the Bath House
36. First Temple Run, Temple of Lunaris, Dusk the Harbinger
37. The Harbour Bridge, the Solaris Concourse, Cadiro Perandus
38. Solaris, the Eternal Sun and Lunaris, the Eternal Moon
39. Vastiri Desert, Boiling Lake, the Quarry, General Atlas
40. Shakari, Queen of the Sand Pits, the Black Core, Rescuing Bannon
41. The Ossuary and Death in the Merciless Labyrinth
42. The Reliquary, the Control Blocks, Vilenta
43. End of the Campaign, Kitava the Insatiable

1. Desert
2. Haunted Mansion
3. Sulphur Vents
4. Glacier
5. Lookout
6. Armoury
7. Ivory Temple
8. Barrows
9. Ashen Woods
10. Arid Lake
11. Alleyways
12. Thicket
13. Flooded Mine
14. Arachnid Tomb
15. Wharf
16. Pen
17. Mausoleum
18. Leyline
19. Pier
20. Relic Chambers
21. Fields
22. Crater
23. Strand
24. Cage
25. City Square
26. Ramparts
27. Grotto
28. Cursed Crypt
29. Channel

1. Delve 1
2. Delve 2
3. Delve 3
4. Temple of Atzoatl - Complete Run 1

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1. Path of Exile: Synthesis League - Arid Lake map, Darth Bane
2. Path of Exile: Synthesis League - Delve Level 69, Soul Rending
3. Path of Exile: Synthesis League - Tropical Island, Yellow Map Run, Soul Rending Off-screen
4. Path of Exile: Synthesis League - Desert Springs, Corrupted, Unidentified, Red Map Run
5. Path of Exile: Synthesis League - Cemetery Map

Mar 13, 2019 17:13:59 PM

Here's another one. :) This time, we delve into the mines with our level 80 witch and use Soulrender extensively, while exploring the Azurite caches in the depths of the darkness - WATCH THE VIDEO. One has to admire the stopping power and tracking ability of the spell. In combination with Bane, it is simply incredible.

Mar 18, 2019 06:59:41 AM

In this third video, we run Tropical Island yellow map with our level 86 witch - bane and Soulrender build - WATCH VIDEO - CLICK HERE

The off-screen clearance of Soulrender is absolutely amazing.


We ran our first red map in this league, Desert Springs, Corrupted and Unidentified. We died a lot to the boss's minions, quite a bit because of lag and the rest because of carelessness. :D The boss was a cakewalk though - WATCH VIDEO - CLICK HERE

Mar 26, 2019 13:43:59 PM

We run the Cemetery Map at level 87 with Soulrender clearing everything and Bane handling the Bull Boss - CLICKY

Apr 08, 2019 13:03:20 PM

Razorlight Entertainment is back and we'll be posting POE Legion videos a.s.a.p. on the morning of June 7th, 2019. It's great to try out a melee-focused league and knowing GGG, it'll be another round of fun gaming.

Here's the plan - Cyclone-Slayer-Duelist Planned Skill Tree

1st video has been posted. Cheers and welcome to Legion league. :D
2nd video has been posted. Enjoy!
3rd video is up. Enjoy Double Strike with Ancestral Call Support. :D

Jun 07, 2019 15:59:25 PM

Part 4 of the video series is up. Enjoy! :)

So, as of 11:09 p.m. POE forum time, the game is crashing quite a bit and we don't have much of an idea why. We disabled shadows with global illumination and that seemed to alleviate the problem a bit, but it occurred again.

What we are going to do is to give the game a bit of a break and upload just Part 5. We'll resume playing after one or two hours and let GGG do their thing.

Part 5 uploaded. Cheers. :)

Jun 08, 2019 01:10:56 AM

Part 6 has been uploaded.

Big thanks to GGG for fixing the Double Strike gem crash and some instability issues with the Legion monoliths.

Part 7 uploaded. :D

Part 8 uploaded. :D

Jun 08, 2019 06:34:41 AM

Part 9 and Part 10 have been uploaded. Enjoy. :)

Chain Hook and Leap Slam seem to be a very interesting combination. :D Cheers. :)

Jun 09, 2019 07:26:10 AM

Part 11 and 12 have been uploaded.

Our clearing speed is increasing. :)

Jun 09, 2019 13:32:24 PM

Part 13, part 14, and part 15 have been uploaded.

We've upgraded our Chain Hook with three support gems and the dps has increased to 1,500. The attack speed is a shade above 3.00 per second. Bleed and Poison chances have increased to 25% per hit and we have a legion of minions of our own.

Enjoy the videos and let us know what you would like to see. We appreciate your feedback. :)

Jun 10, 2019 11:27:39 AM
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