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The dagger is the most important piece, the rest you can work around. As for hardcore viability ... I would say it's not hc friendly - you would need to invest more into tankiness: Kaom's heart, rare crafted gloves/helmet... if you follow this exact build you get around 5k HP, which is death sentence at red tier maps because many things are going to one shot you if you're not too careful,especially during the blight encounter where from time to time you crash, or fps drop to 1 which is more then enough time for you to die until you recover.

I like this build because it reminds me of old winter orb : Run like madman and watch everything infront of you die. If I die, which can happen (mostly getting one shoted) there are 5 portals left, for you it's standard league.

This is my 2nd league i'm playing with this build (started in legion) I might be wrong, since I don't play HC, however if somebody thinks I'm wrong, please correct me.

Sep 12, 2019 09:24:30 AM

I'm not a HC player, but it is HC viable, and as always for HC you need to do adjustments for a little more tankyness. May drop Diadem for a better life/es helmet and use a armor life chest instead. May surround you char with zombies with meatshield. Then again, you first need to get the dagger and level to 60 if you want to safely use it with the dagger. You can use Cyclone from 53 when you can use the dagger, but in general this build is HC viable.

Sep 12, 2019 10:26:43 AM

Ya i want to play this in hc as well and originally was going to but the survive-ability scares me a bit. How much ehp do we think this build can get potentially?

I played this last league on softcore and loved it.

Sep 13, 2019 04:30:46 AM

I'm sorry but no, you can't call it "great clear speed".

Sep 13, 2019 16:05:45 PM

What changes would we nake for hc?

Sep 13, 2019 16:29:33 PM

LharzZobby wrote:
I'm sorry but no, you can't call it "great clear speed".

You are right, its not great, its amazing.

Sep 13, 2019 23:23:32 PM

To pop up spiders.

i read alot guys of having problems with raising spiders.
jeah i know the fu...g carrions golem alsways wrecks the worms ;-)

just Desecrate + Flask + ice nova. > problem solved

try it

up to now i did not find a better solution.
and linking channeling + divine ire or something is crap.

u only need one gem ;)

if there is a better solution tell me :)

HC guys.
do yourself a favour and dont play it hc for the first time.
your 10 times faster in standard then u can used to manage spiders and resummon them. espeacially blight encounters. there is coming a wave and u realize oh there are no spiders, and your army of zomb and especially your carrion are JUMPING on your last flask worms for the spiders ;)

"sry for my bad english" "cheers"

Sep 14, 2019 03:48:47 AM

Dagger prices going down quickly now, I'll probably buy one soon. I am liking Carrion Golemancer, so I might go half-and-half.

Sep 14, 2019 10:28:20 AM

Bhcssf guy checking in, yo these spiders are insaane. I just started mapping and they’re killing everything. Thankfully a Speaker’s wreath dropped so spiders are up all the time.

Im using zombies in a 6link for single target and ramping up, which seems to work well. Also using frenzy chieftains, 2 of them right now, i can go for a third spectre on tree and a fourth when I do uber lab, but not sure if its worth. Are there any other good support spectres? I tried out evangelicals and i move a bit too fast for their bubble.

Sep 14, 2019 16:42:45 PM

hit 95 in blight SC im greedy and went with everything so im using unset rings. went with a 5 link temp chains setup cuz why not. Zombies and specs unlinked they survive just about everything besides uber elder but the spiders do everything there anyway just gotta resummon after which is kinda annoying. great build tho.

Sep 14, 2019 17:54:58 PM
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