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As I was playing PoE I was enjoying the default Neversink lootfilter sounds but it was starting to bug me that the only category for sounds seemed to be rarity and the map tiers. Nothing made different types of loot stand out so in Incursion I decided to try out the Shaper voice lines for currency drops and I didn't find it as obnoxious as I thought it would turn out to be.

Fast forward to Delve and the advent of custom loot filter sounds and I really started getting into the customization of the loot filter; I started by adding the different boss quotes to the guardian maps and the result I must say turned out great, I started customizing other sounds, even managing to add more fragment categories and deeply customize the drop sounds.

The main features of this loot filter are:

Strict with Chaos Orb Recipe enabled - Chaos orb recipe items will have equipment drop sounds, too bad about the current economy :/ The strictness shouldn't have much impact while levelling (except for 0 quality gems not showing up)
There's a stricter version without chaos recipe drops as well..
Shaper voice lines for currency if available, the rest of the currency will have some familiar sounds. Colours of the currency will be loosely based on the colour of the currency itself.
less threatening map sounds with Lair and Shaped T15's (And Spider Lair, I'll fix that) still having the more attention grabbing old sound; The T15's I have shaped and the main T15's will actually play their Shaper voiceline upon dropping.
Different categories of items have received a wide variety of sounds as well as many additional categories. Pretty much a different noise for every category you could think of.

Issues and improvements to be made:

The lootsplosion at the end of The Beachhead will explode your ears, CAUTION
Volume adjustments across the board;
shaper map voicelines can sometimes get drowned out by SFX but I personally have a very loud build.

One of the most common questions I get is whether I'll make a Filterblade compatible release but I have added too many new categories to be added to make it compatible with it :/

Full Feature List:

- Shaper Voicelines for currency supplemented by Diablo sounds
- Currency recolouring to reflect colour of actual currency
- Iconic Boss quotes from D2 for Guardian Maps
- Shaped Map Shaper Lines for T15 maps
- Reshuffling of map sounds to include D2 sounds.
- Cards have their own soundset which is market price related
- Breachstones and Splinters have their own soundsets
- Essences have their own soundset
- Unique drop sounds differentiated more
- High Value uniques now have a familiar attention grabbing sound
- All fragments have their own soundset
- I've begun work on as appropriate as possible quotes from PoE and D2 for unique map such as a Cadiro line when Perandus Manor drops. Since a majority of the quotes are from the Sorceress I may release a more male orientated version
- Chaos recipe is on with equipment drop sounds from D2. Will release a more strict version upon enough demand
- Scarabs have their own soundset
- Veiled Items can be differentiated between having a master veiled mod or a normal Veiled mod.
- Abyss Jewels have their own drop sound
- In fact most league stuff has a unique sound, that should cover most of it.
- Whatever I haven't covered that's a feature of Neversinks Semi-Strict Preset.

Future plans:
- More quotes for unique maps
- different versions and variants

Original Preview:

What it sounds like in maps:

Forge of the Phoenix with Beyond

On steroids:

Nemesis Currency Strongboxes

Betrayal Update:

Download: (Last Update 08/04/19)

Finally thanks to Neversink for the awesome base and I hope you can enjoy the loot filter!

Dec 31, 2018 20:54:31 PM

Updated 02/01/19:

Added Strict version of filter
Added more unique maps sounds
Differentiated Veiled items between Master Veiled mods and Normal Veiled Mods
Added a bit of a distinction to Breachstones
Volume balancing all around.

Jan 02, 2019 23:37:36 PM

Updated for Synthesis Launch

Mar 08, 2019 20:03:49 PM

Loving this, but I'm currently running Uber filter, would love if that appears!

Apr 10, 2019 22:16:25 PM

Update please :)

Jul 17, 2019 13:54:59 PM
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