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After Blighted maps in tier 8, 10 and 12, I had to try 14.

The first three attempts have been harsh failures. There were swarms of monsters, those flamethrowers mobs were frying me everytime and the uniques had too much life.

Then, I tried to go full-DPS : I removed Aspect of the Cat to take Pride, HoPurity and Flesh&Stone in blood stance. But then, I took too much dmg and got wrecked again.
So I thought this build had shown its limits and that this league was only for Summoners.
Nothing I could do against this big blighted bull boss (bastard).

But I took a breath and said : So, you want more DPS ?... you want MORE DPS, right ?... Ok, I'm gonna give you more DPS. Fatass."

This build was previously called "Old & New School" for a reason. As I've written in the first msg : "From now on, I will highlight the new v3.8, but the former version is still viable. And you can even make a mixed version of both, as you see fit."

So let's mix some skills and pump more juice into the build !

Version 3.85

* We remove Ice Bite / Vile Toxins and put Impale support. Yeah. IMPALE IS BACK (into your throat, fatty !).

* We add Swift Skewering cluster on the tree. (Forceful Skewering is too far off now). If possible, chance to impale mod on the daggers. We have to remove other nodes, so for the moment, I remove Silent Steps and a life node.

* In the Crystal Skin cluster, we take Fire dmg and Ignite Avoidance.

* Auras : Aspect of the Cat, HoPurity, Flesh & Stone in Sand Stance + Enlighten level 3, Dread Banner + Precision lvl 1.

* Totems : I love you, Ancestral Protector, I really do. But now I need to SLAM. So : Multiple Totems + Vaal Warchief + Melee Phys dmg + Pulverise.

* Then, we could use Plague Bearer to clear packs. But it's DoT so it takes some precious seconds, which we barely have in Blighted red maps. We're going to use something similar to Plague Bearer, but faster and more... explosive. We're going to go very old school and add level 1 Abyssal Cry.
Oh yes, and watch those packs explode while we impale the bosses.

Now, let's see what this build can REALLY DO !

#15 : T14 Blighted Cathedral

First you are defiled and now, you are blighted. I say, bad Karma for you Cathedral.

PoB level 92 :
Budget = 200c.
In the PoB, you have a flask for Impale dmg and one for Nightblade.

Oct 12, 2019 16:20:24 PM

How I make money in Blight

* I do only normal Blighted maps. It's useless to alch them, as it only increases monster pack size and the loot at the pump, which is worth nothing anyway.
See what tier you can smoothly do with 3 Teal Oils.
3 Teal oils = 6 chests are lucky = the content of 6 chests is rolled twice and the better is kept. (It's not more chests as I said in an earlier post, it works like "crit chance is lucky")
I can do t6-9 maps safely and almost all are profitable. If one is not, three in a row are globally profitable.
If you prefer lower tiers, it's perfectly ok : I have found 2ex in t4 maps...

My loot filter is Neversink.

* I pick only 1-square items : currencies, div cards, essences, frags, fossils, quality gems, red maps, oils, prophecies, scarabs, sextants, breach and legion splinters... (have I forgotten smth?)
> Nothing to ID, nothing to vendor.
I go back to hideout with a bag full of them and empty everything in my stashes. Fast and simple.
And I go on to the next map.

> Do not waste your time with rare un-ID items. Picking them up, then ID-ing them, then checking their stats and vendoring them takes too long.
Rare are 99.99% trash, and for me, the chaos recipe is too tedious to make. Better ignore them. Maybe in the distant future of 4.0 will GGG solve the problem.

I don't even check the talismans anymore. Sometimes the items with beast Aspects. I do not bother either with 3-color. An exceptions can be 6-sockets. If I have a big pack of low level uniques, I might consider a second travel to pick them up and get some alch at vendors.

> I have a stash for quality gems. I just throw them in and when the stash in full, I vendor all. Not taking time to count anything, too boring. I make 25-30 gemcutters per stash.

Oct 14, 2019 19:03:43 PM

Hey, how can I open your images trough Raw Code at Pastebin?

Oct 15, 2019 17:07:36 PM

Open Path of Building, go to "Import/Export Build", then enter a code, like this one :

Click "Import", then "Import".

Oct 15, 2019 17:32:42 PM

New video :

Hydra with Enfeeble curse, Redblade Warband and a Blight encounter.
It could have been good. But what can you do, sometimes a portal just spawns...
#16 : Too close to the pump !

Hope you enjoy :)

Next time : Guardians and Shaper medley.

Oct 16, 2019 11:15:59 AM

Updates for version 3.85

This new version mixes the best of 3.7 and 3.8.
- Impale and Nightblade for Blade Flurry
- Aspect of the Cat + Phase Run for invisibility
- Abyssal Cry


Blight League
PoB level 92 :
PoE planner :

PoB level 95 :
PoR planner :

More dmg in league, more life in standard.
In both links, you have the flasks for Impale and Nightblade effects + my particular Brutal Restraint jewel in standard.

First message :

League stuff updated in Overview.

In Offense, calculations for Impale chance and effect.

In Gems, updated gem setup :

- Body Armour, 6L : Blade Flurry + Nightblade + Infused Channelling + Melee Physical Damage + Energy Leech + Ice Bite for farming or Impale for bosses.

- Helmet, 4L : Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic.

- Gloves, 4L : Enlighten lvl 3 + Herald of Purity + Flesh and Stone + Dread Banner

- Boots, 4L : Ancestral Protector + Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Multiple Totems support + Melee phys dmg or Lesser Poison Support

- Rings : Aspect of the Cat and Warlord's Mark on hit

- Dagger 1, 3L : CwDT + Immortal Call + Phase Run (low level for auto-cast or max level for self-cast).

- Dagger 2 or Shield, 3S : Abyssal Cry, Withering Steps, Precision lvl 1

Oct 18, 2019 12:58:45 PM

Hello brother,

in a way to improve myself as a hashashin, I came with a very close tree and skills to yours. The impaler, poison, evasion, elusive, shadow cat blade flurry is the best of the assassins in the creed. Altair would be proud.

Im using unstable infuse for charges. Love phase run but consumes all my charges . I dont know if phasen stay in my build.
Going to try perfect agony, always want to try and now ( at least in PoB) is a good moment.
Because of flicker stricker, herald of ash is a better call for me.
My Hashashin

Now I have some questions about your assassin 3.85 in PoB.
How do you inflict so many poison on enemy? I use vile toxines and can only inflict 9. And how work # of poison applied recently?
Energy lechee really work in game? my energy shield is basic nothing, the 39% more dm when lechee eg work for us? If I use blood rage to constant inflict damage on me, it will work ( the 39% more damage)? (Because in game I dont see may EG after start blood rage.)

Please, feel free to opine about my(your) build, any suggestion will be very welcome.

Ty brother.

PS. english is not my language, so pls forgive the grammar errors.

Oct 19, 2019 16:47:06 PM

Well ty for your msg.
You mention Assassin's Creed. Actually, I have never played these games (shame on me). But I'll search for a nice music for a next video.

You do have awesome stuff. Those synthetised boots are top-notch, the mirror amulet is awesome too, and a mirror copy of the legendary Loath Bane Ambusher, wow.

How do you inflict so many poison on enemy? I use vile toxines and can only inflict 9. And how work # of poison applied recently?

In the game, "recently" = in the last 4 seconds.
In PoB, you can see your attack speed and your chance to poison. So you just multiply to get your average number of poisons applied recently : speed x % to poison x 4.
That is theoretical of course, but it gives you an idea.

Number of poisons on enemy : a poison lasts for 2sec. More duration with the Ascendancy, but generally I just do : attack speed x % to poison x 2.
Anyway, you need only 9 poisons on enemy for Vile Toxins, that is easy to get.

You can actually inflict more than 9 poisons, but Vile Toxins gives you 5% more dmg per poison up to 9 poisons = up to 45% more dmg.

Energy lechee really work in game?

Energy Leech works when you are not on full ES, whatever your max ES is : it could be 1, it would work, provided you have zero at this moment.
So yes, it's a good idea to use Blood Rage to get perma-ES Leech. I'm gonna try that.

Please, feel free to opine about my(your) build, any suggestion will be very welcome.

Not much to change in my opinion. That's a good spin-off of my build. I like the idea of WB + Temp Chains.

- You could get a better corruption for the gloves (spell crit % is useless for us)
- Put 20% quality on Impale support and Dread, for inc effect of Impale.
- Taste of Flask is awesome for farming. Consider a diamond flask maybe, best DPS gain.

Oct 19, 2019 17:41:23 PM

I have gone back to Standard lately, and as I had a lot of Jun's missions for the Atlas, I decided to go on a war against the Syndicate.
Interrogating the members gives a lot of XP, as well as raiding their hideouts (100% inc XP gain), so I was able to quickly level my lvl 92 Caustic Arrow Occultist to 93.

With the rewards from the masters' hideout, I was able to improve my stuff.

- With Hillock as lieutenant in Fortification, 26% quality on an armour piece (28% if he is Captain)
- With Vorici as lieutenant in Research, put 1-2 white sockets on an item (1-3 if he is Captain).

Loath Suit
Cutthroat's Garb
Click to expand
  • Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 1 Maim
  • Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost
  • +113 to maximum Life
  • 3% increased maximum Life
  • +37% to Cold Resistance
  • Reflects 9 Physical Damage to Melee Attackers

  • - With Jorgin as Captain in Research, turn a rare amulet into a tier 3 Talisman. Only the implicit is changed, the other mods remain the same.
    I'm disappointed on this one, the corrupted implicit could have been better -previously, it was a Citrine : +23 STR and DEX.
    Carrion Beads
    Monkey Twins Talisman
    Click to expand
  • 7% increased Area of Effect
  • 20% increased Lightning Damage
  • +378 to Accuracy Rating
  • +38% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • +77 to maximum Life
  • 0.73% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana
  • 11% increased Area of Effect
  • 16% increased Area Damage
  • The first ones marked their hunting grounds

    with blood and piss.

    We have tried to paint our future in words.

    Now we shall paint with inks of savagery.

    - The Wolven King

    You will have to pay for this, Jorgin !!

    Talismans with good implicits for our build include :

    * Tier 1
    - Breakrib : 20-30% inc global phys dmg
    - Mandible : 6-10% inc atk and cast speed
    - Writhing : 20-30% inc atk dmg

    * Tier 2
    - Fangjaw : 8-12% inc max life
    - Hexclaw : 40-50% inc crit chance
    - Wereclaw : 24-36% inc crit multi

    * Tier 3
    - Rotfeather : 25-35% inc dmg
    - Three Rat : 12-16% inc all attributes

    Oct 21, 2019 16:55:24 PM

    Thanks for the answer.

    You right! Shame on you about Assassin Creed. This game is an ode to assassin's lovers ( just kidding but when you have a chance play it).

    Man, I sold everything ( EVERYTHING) I had in this game and cry a little bit to get that dagger. This build is all got now. Very happy !!

    Got a new corrupted glove with temporal chains . This was very cheap actually. Now Im much stronger.

    And change energy leech for Unbound ailments, huge booster on blade flurry.

    Great build!! Thanks man.

    Oct 22, 2019 04:17:25 AM
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