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I have reworked the first message :
- new sections for league start, what's new in 3.8, detailed offense and defense mechanisms...
- a banner for each section

I'll continue to update as the league begins and we get PoB infos.

But before 3.8 launches, I wanted to show you the current version of the build in action. This is the last video of my 3.7 series, so I hope you'll enjoy :
#21 : Uber Atziri burns for me

See you in Blight, Exiles.

Sep 06, 2019 13:35:07 PM

New PoB

PoB :
Poe Planner :

I take the Gladiator's Perseverance cluster for 20% inc life leech recovery rate.

Skills not yet updated in PoB.

Only change is in the Ascendancy : Opportunistic instead of Unstable Infusion.
Why ?
Because of the 10% reduced dmg taken while 2+ rare nearby.
I find this is more consistent with the new version, since I advocate for reduced dmg taken -see "Defense" section in first msg.

Sep 06, 2019 21:34:36 PM

Ok, so first run with my char in std.

Definitely using Withering Steps (WS) and Nightblade support.
Plague Bearer : not sure. Does not deal much dmg atm (but gem is still low level). But it fills quickly, meaning we poison consistently.

Playstyle :

Use WS (you gain Elusive Buff) > BF (lose Elusive and thx to crit, re-gain it immediately).
Spam WS all the time to refresh it.

Against boss :
WS > Whirling Blades through it > BF.
Rinse and repeat.

In dire situation, or just for fun, use Phase Run under Cat's Stealth = become invisible, and see every enemy stops !
Also, allows some precious seconds to recover life.

Setup in a 3-link : Withering Steps + Phase Run + Inc Duration.

Wanted to make a quick video, but the game is more visually bugged than ever atm. Half of the enemies will become invisible ! Oh the irony !

Sep 06, 2019 23:03:02 PM

I started with your build.

Very satisfied with the play style.

Thank you for a good build ^^

Sep 07, 2019 16:11:16 PM

I have just found the perfect name for this build. It's actually so simple I should have found it earlier.

Behold... the Nightblade Flurry Assassin !

(... mwahahaha !)

Sep 07, 2019 19:51:22 PM

First video of my 3.8 series. This time, I demonstrate how to become 100% invisible.
So don't let your children play in the park, exiles, there's an invisible killer sneaking around !

#1 : The Invisible Killer

Hope you like it.

Sep 08, 2019 10:34:49 AM

Thank you for the useful video.

I posted a question about the skill, but it has changed so I deleted it.

Sep 09, 2019 01:34:15 AM

Update for playstyle

For apprentice player :
Withering Steps to get Elusive buff.
Then Blade Flurry + Nightblade : you lose Elusive and re-gain it refreshed.

For journeyman player :
Withering Steps, then Whirling Blades + Fortify (lose Elusive, gain Fortify), then BF (gain Elusive).

For expert player :
One second before Cat's Stealth : WS, WB, Phase Run (you are invisible, enemies don't attack), BF.


Here are two PoB links for league :
- level 28 :
- level 40 :

Note that all stuff is solo self-found (except the BF gem... couldn't wait to get it !)
I'm preparing levelling videos in Blight and I'll try to stay SSF as long as possible.

Also, I have played my char in STD : Elusive+Nightblade puts so much juice in the build, this is too good.
So I've decided to go exxXXXxxtrem in a Delve encounter with Beyond mobs. And the result is the worst bloodbath I have seen in this game, and that's saying smth.

Bad news : end was bugged, loot wouldn't drop and couldn't get the cart.
But I've made the video anyway, with some fun editing.
Hope you enjoy :
#2 : Delve Beyond - Gorefest !

Sep 09, 2019 17:43:44 PM

Reduced dmg taken is a very powerful layer of defense, as it reduces the dmg after mitigations. And nothing can reduce this reduction !
Here is what we can get :

With Fortify, -20% from hits.
With Infused Channelling, -8% phys and AoE hits while channelling.
With Sand Stance, -11% from attacks of enemies outside the aura.

On the tree :
* From Silent Steps node, -5% from Blinded enemies
* From Crystal Skin, -5% elem dmg

With Mistwalker Ascendancy, -8% dmg while Elusive + no extra dmg taken from crit !

The combination of all these reductions allows us some mistakes in dangerous situations.


Avoidance is also a lesser-known but powerful defense. And there are neither any possible maluses in maps against it.

We have for instance :
With Silent Steps cluster, 100% to avoid blind = immune.
With Unpredictable Offensive cluster, 40% to avoid stun while channelling.
Heart of Oak notable : 20% to avoid stun.
With Crystal Skin, 15% to avoid elem ailment. + % to avoid other ailments and dmg from the cluster.
(Optionnally, another 8% to avoid elem ailment with Thick Skin).
With Cat's Stealth, 15% to avoid all hits dmg !

In 3.8, with the new annointed passive Aspect of Stone, 20% to avoid phys dmg from hits.
Oil recipe : Violet - Golden - Golden
Expensive but worth it.


New video :

#3 : Uber Elder deathless (Dance with Death)

At first, I was disappointed with DwD. But then, I decided to give it a second chance and test it. Test it for real.

In this fight, you will see the deadly combination of very high DPS and those layers of defenses I've detailed above. For instance, "no extra dmg from crit while Elusive" is very powerful with DwD.
But this also requires a lot of manual dodging.
And a bit of luck, tbh :D

But that was SO good, wow !

Enjoy ;)

Sep 11, 2019 23:09:09 PM

Hate Keep
Loricated Ringmail
Click to expand
  • Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost
  • +15 to Strength
  • +52 to maximum Life
  • Regenerate 1% of Life per second
  • 40% increased Armour and Energy Shield
  • +26 to maximum Life

  • what should i relink?

    Sep 12, 2019 15:40:20 PM
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