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I'm kind of a potaytoe and have been away from PoE for a good year or so.

How did you go about crafting the unset rings? I've been bashing my head against walls of text trying to pick apart and relearn crafting and I forgot how myriad it is. Even worse with all the stuff I've missed (Delve and Abyssal leagues)

Other than getting frustrated at rings, the build has been a lot of fun. I'm a sucker for silly stuff and running around with spinning swords doing my work for me like some carnage lawnmower is definitely up there in the list.

Oct 20, 2019 18:41:38 PM

Which do you give up to get a Watcher Eye with Phasing? Because I think you need to have Haste aura for that one... so, do you drop Pride?

Oct 22, 2019 02:56:29 AM

Hello Thanks for this awesome guide!
I followed this guide and make my char,
I just started playing this game at the beginning of this league and so far this is my favorite.
I also like your champion cleave guide but I was having hardtime on blight TD.

anyhow I want to ask if what are the best enchantment should I get on helm, gloves, boots, and rings?
Thanks in advance!

Oct 24, 2019 09:01:55 AM

Why are we going taking passives from Ranger start instead of Marauder start? The gear you listed uses armor instead of evasion so all the evasion nodes in Ranger side are wasted, when we can get Armor ones in Marauder and more life?

Mana doesn't seem to be an issue so Primal Spirit and Druidic Rite are mostly wasted. And Heart of the Oak is redundant too since we can't be stunned anyway.

Then to get to Arcane Chem and Profane Chem we can go through Constitution and pick up Sentinel on the way for more armor boost + resists.

With 3 Writhing Flasks it doesn't seem like you need any Increased Flask Charges gained effects on the tree.

Am I missing something here or does Marauder start node do more in this build?

Nov 02, 2019 02:40:44 AM
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