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Melee is God

It's only build that can beat most strongest bow

Sep 07, 2018 17:14:47 PM

I expect to see a nerf on this skill like they did in past with flicker strike.

Sep 07, 2018 17:20:17 PM


Sep 07, 2018 21:30:36 PM

pvp is dead no need to nerf

Sep 07, 2018 22:35:36 PM

Aodui wrote:
Playing it in PVE as well, it feels a bit clunky because you never really know if you are in range or not and you don't directly get on target (and behind) like flicker strike does.

You also cannot target lock someone to repeatedly do the skill at them.

Can check range after some 1v1s.

It can 1-2 shot most player, only es tank or zerphi require to skill repeat.

Sep 08, 2018 05:01:36 AM
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