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aykay317 wrote:
Question for the OP.

So the reason you are stacking phys damage is purely for poison scaling am I right? Since added chaos damage scales with poison aswell, would it be optimal to scale either/or whichever you can do so cheaply? Or do u have any other reasons to scale phys other than life leech, because that seems like a low impact reason to scale phys for a build that already doesn't rely on leech.


Mostly for explosions. Explosions scale with phys and poison as they count as hits.
leech is indeed pretty shitty on this setup, but PoB still shows me around 600-600 life on hit which is not bad for Quill Rain

Sep 12, 2018 21:39:15 PM

Any thoughts on the Darkscorn bow? I am trying it out and my paper dps has almost doubled.

Also, just to get a clear picture here, I am building for poison/chaos damage

so, we are looking at TR+ INC Duration + Mirage Archer + what

Sep 12, 2018 21:41:52 PM

Padashuruar wrote:
Can anyone take a look at my char and advice what should I improve next?

You've got great gear already. I would personally try to work towards a helm enchant as well as chest 6L

Sep 12, 2018 21:42:03 PM

zzpeanut wrote:
Hi! I just got myself a 6L Quill Rain and I'm not sure where my next priority in gearing should be. Does anyone know if a +3 6L bow is much better dps than Quill Rain? If so should I make that my next priority? Or is getting a Dying Sun then Impresence a better way to spend my currency? Btw, how does Herald of Agony feel to ya'll? It's hard to figure its dps when TR is doing most of my dps haha.

I would definitely get helm enchant now! As for the rest you are pretty decent, just low life rings..
+3 bow is much worse than Quill Rain

Sep 12, 2018 21:44:23 PM

scotness wrote:
Any thoughts on the Darkscorn bow? I am trying it out and my paper dps has almost doubled.

Also, just to get a clear picture here, I am building for poison/chaos damage

so, we are looking at TR+ INC Duration + Mirage Archer + what

Darkscorn is mediocre. Try to get Lioneye's Glare if you can.

Sep 12, 2018 21:45:57 PM

hey folks im very new to this game, so excuse me if the answer to my question seems obvious to you, but here it comes:

Why is lesser multiple projectiles never considered for toxic rain if additional projectile equals additional pods? IsnĀ“t that what does the 80% of dmg (as the creator of this build explains)?

I thank you very much in advance for answering my questions :)

Sep 12, 2018 22:44:10 PM

Hey Guys, Hey OP.

Quick one, im not used to the skill, dont know how it works.

is it possible to map with a quill rain?

when yes, why? Toxic rain scales with phys dmg, the more phys on my weapon the more damage, or am i missunderstanding something?

like i said not familiar with the new skill,

thanks in advance! :)

Sep 12, 2018 23:21:19 PM

Fun note while I still experiment.
I sold my quill before I realized how key it was, so for now i use a lion.

Also, while I still work on gear I dont have the colors and slots for everything. But!

I am using Maloney's. Here is some potential.

I dont have the attack speed a quill gives, but! (also cant afford in anyway an Impresence for now so I am using kuri's charge which is nice)

Have you thought of....blood rage! Here me out.
You need leech, you said so yourself. With the way leech works, I find I am never not at max hp unless hit obviously even with the ticker this gives.

next up, to help with the degen I have.....summon holy relic. Gives us hp regen, enough to still keep us capped at full hp for damage while on full life gem.

Remember the quiver I said? Well...every time you hit, holy relic pops a small aoe next to you. add blind support to holy relic, and bam! 40%+ extra damage. Anyway, something I am using right now while I work towards in game monies.

Sep 13, 2018 01:23:36 AM

Hey i m using maloney to there no reason to use drillneck just for some phys ... I m using elder glove for 8 % blind and abyss jewel for anorher % the dps is really good with these quivert. I was using blood rage with cwdt setup but without good regen its anoying ... Lioney is a good bow but if you really stack the poison plus the pods quillrain is a bis

Sep 13, 2018 06:06:17 AM

Using blood rage and damage on full life doesn't work. Even though you may show at full life, it still screws you. That's the way it works with other degen skills like RF.

I could be wrong but I used to play a lot of RF and we could never use Damage on Full Life.

Sep 13, 2018 06:07:32 AM
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