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I have no issue with almost all the content of the game, but it seams that the Uber Elder is out of my reach...

So either it's me who is bad ( which is an option that i'm not willing to take into account ) or it's most likely stuff relate.

The ring are not so great, ok, but for the rest, I think it's not that bad. If you have the time, could you check quickly what is to change.

Oct 20, 2019 14:00:14 PM

HelepolisH wrote:
Townerr wrote:
How far could this build push in delve?
-Or if someone who has pushed far with this reads this, please reply :)

Currently with this league, I pushed into 220 easily, which is where the good stuff drops.

270-300 is about where I have found it moderately tolerable. It's not a dedicated delving build, but gains on hit really shine when exploring the darkness. It's my best darkness delver build by far for this reason.

Being able to stand in the darkness and splash around on hidden monsters for up to 30 seconds while you look at the minimap and pick a route to prizes, and then casually toss down a flare so you can sear a path there ... priceless.

That said, delve mods will rip you a new one once in a while. The difficulty curve per unit depth has gotten steeper, so delving at 300 now is going to feel like delving at 400-500 used to feel before 3.8.

Oct 23, 2019 02:45:19 AM

Hey man the build looks awesome but i wanted to know if you felt it was SSF viable not just league starter viable because theres points in the guide where you make it sound as if certain uniques (like theifs torment) are almost mandatory to make the build function.

Nov 13, 2019 05:14:37 AM
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