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I do TEST on minotaur. Solar have so fk nice dps ;)
But 3x curse, vaal haste and lucky extra Anger from General Skeleton.
Pob in descriptos.

Jun 12, 2019 16:25:01 PM

Kcmav wrote:
Did anyone get a reason from GGG for nerfing FE, specifically when they upped the difficulty of the game (Made rares more tanky). Seems like a weird thing to do.

Apparently in the past when they've specifically nerfed mobs aimed at spectres, they've put it in the patch notes. I think the nerf is due to the Act 1 rebalance, and Fire-Eaters now being in Act 1.

Unfortunately I don't even think GGG knows of this issue atm. I saw a single thread on reddit that got burried, and haven't seen any responses on it anywhere else.

Jun 12, 2019 16:43:09 PM

Ok, just did 4 army battles and unlocked 5 slot map machine :)
Was totally FUN as hell, really easy and smooth with SGs, killed 10 generals, and did 2,5 monster wave, was swimming in loot.

My links for battle was : Summon Spectre, GMP, Elemental Focus, Controlled Destruction, Minion Dmg, Spell Echo.

Also used AG for dmg/speedy aura, he not even lost 10% of his hp during battle.

So i guess SGs are good for Legion content.

Jun 12, 2019 16:45:26 PM

Mantikera wrote:
Why using Faster Projectiles, it is really better than GMP/Slower Projectiles ?

Whats your thoughts about Fire Penetration support gem, it is worth it ?


FEs without Faster Projectiles

FEs with Faster Projectiles

Faster Projectiles doubles the range of the fire steam.

GMP/LMP isn't needed because they already have LMP - when you use Faster Projectiles, you should see 3 streams of fire for each FE.

For Slower Projectiles, just imagine the 'without' screenshot with flames travelling to 30% of that distance. So against anything that moves, the FEs will actually struggle to hit.

Fire Penetration is an excellent support gem. It give 99% of the damage boost of Slower Projectiles. The fire range is the same as the 'without' screenshot, so it will work even for rapidly moving bosses like Aul.

If you have a white socket on your 6L, you carry a 20/20 Fire Pen in your inventory for boss fight for a nice boost.

Jun 12, 2019 16:45:55 PM

Played around last night on my templar that has 5k HP doing t5-t9. One shot city... Anyone claiming that 5k is okay is full of it. LOL.

On that note... Im back to playing necro. Looks like your going to get one shotted regardless. May as well have fast clear.

Just tried SG's... Far superior to fe's. No contest.


Hope they get fe's fixed

Jun 12, 2019 16:49:17 PM

Kontinus wrote:
The Gems in the Picture dont match to ur text -> And dont match even with the pictures in Gem Link Section.

Sorry about that. I've fixed the guide now.

Jun 12, 2019 16:54:12 PM

Nightstone13 wrote:
Hope they get fe's fixed

If they dont know there is issue i doubt they will.

Jun 12, 2019 16:56:15 PM

hi guys,

was starting a FireEater build again and now read that they are not "the shit" anymore. What's the strongest ATM? Back to solar guards??

Jun 12, 2019 17:27:05 PM

Ruamzutzla wrote:
What's the strongest ATM?

Currently theorycrafting (and testing) a new version of the build using a different spectre. Using the same passive tree with a number of different gems:

Jun 12, 2019 17:47:04 PM

ashanae wrote:
Uhrwerker wrote:
how u all get the +20 res if generousity give us no aura for ascendant points ?

clarity level 1?

You run 2 auras, one linked to generosity only.

For more spectre damage, you link BOTH with generosity (haste and zealotry) and use a lvl 1 precision (not linked, ofc).

Jun 12, 2019 17:47:41 PM
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