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Fate Grand Order 4th Anniversary PV (Promotial video). Same director as Apocrypha, but at only 1 minute, far...far shinier. Have fun trying to name all the servants!

Aug 10, 2019 02:50:32 AM

This is sort of scary. That they'd assess the staff on Episode 0 and conclude that it's a side project and that the real thing should actually be significantly better based on the announced staff. Episode 0 was pretty great with lots of excellent sequences and composition, sooo...just what sort of beast are we in for with the full F/GO Babylonia production?!

Aug 10, 2019 09:29:57 AM

鬼殺し wrote:

Fate Grand Order 4th Anniversary PV (Promotial video). Same director as Apocrypha, but at only 1 minute, far...far shinier. Have fun trying to name all the servants!

Passed out like a typical fan girl...

Aug 10, 2019 13:54:42 PM

could be they are animating every single singularity into a movie as a long term project

Aug 12, 2019 19:56:49 PM

I strongly doubt it. The early singularities just didn't have very good writing. I read that montage at the end of ep 0 as their way of fast-forwarding to the really good stuff. And it's long been known that Camelot was getting the IG movies, Babylonia the Cloverworks series -- there was a poll to see which singularities would get adapted, and those two won by a mile.

But if we don't get a Solomon production after Babylonia and Camelot I'll be very surprised, given all the Romani set-up in ep 0.

Aug 13, 2019 00:36:08 AM

Oh got it, sorry I am somewhat out of the loop, as I don't track fate so much, i mostly rely on fgo discord, some other games discord fgo subchannel and poe offtopic for all the news.

Whatever it is, seems like a bright future ahead for fate series, I could even imagine an Mmorpg set in fate universe, but sadly mmorpg is a dying genre (in popularity) or at the very best stagnating.

Watched the ep0 and now waiting, waiting for 3rd part of heavens feel, so i can watch trilogy all at once and for these 2 movies.

Aug 13, 2019 11:53:43 AM

Caster here... I have yet to get to Akasha. When are we going to see Akasha? Lets skip the theological premise etc; would Akasha be male or female or both? Akasha in other cultures RL has been depicted as female, sometimes the mother of all humanity... Powerful. Certain books if you like the whole vampire/horror genre she’s the ultimate vampire.

I mean the writers didn’t invent her, shes been around. Actually/mostly all the characters are from a time of lore. Be it nordic, greek etc... Its fascinating. That would I suppose end the franchise, the appearance/embodiment of Akasha.

Yes Akasha can summon itself... (mind blown).

Aug 18, 2019 03:51:01 AM

Absolutely no personification there. And if you mean the one from The Vampire Chronicles, no way is Anne Rice big enough to warrant a Servant from her creations. She's no Mary Shelley, Thomas Malory or Arthur Conan Boyle.

Aug 18, 2019 07:42:53 AM

Speaking of Mary Shelley, just hit me again... Frankenstein second favorite character. Her special depicted a tree, roots... (Akasha). I appreciated that scene, sieg ass was soooo lucky. Even I was misty eyed during that battle. I knew that was the outcome, but never would have imagined it went that far.

Anne Rice yeah we aren't comparing, just a modern reference...

So many references can go on and on... My biggest complaint, Frankenstein needed more air time.

Aug 18, 2019 09:28:36 AM

She gets a nice little cameo in El Melloi, and her presence in Fate/GO is much, much larger. Especially once she's summoned as something other than a Berserker...

Aug 18, 2019 09:39:50 AM
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