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FramFramson wrote:
Will be interesting to see your changes once you settle on them. Luckily I hadn't gotten to endgame with my version yet, so I can be flexible (plus there's always the respec).

Still going to focus on ES as a Defence base? How many corrupted -1% jewels do you think will be needed now?

6,7k ES with ~ 1000 ES/s reg
2 jewels with 1% mana reservation
all auras are the same except puritys (changes all 3 with purity of elements and for the other two open slots i picked enduring cry and phase run, other good option would be smite as additional dmg boost)
30k armour / 4 endurance charges - (not sure which would be best: immortal cal, steelskin or molten shell)

tbh, i think the best option would be to go either full damage (since we have to sacrifice the puritys we could sacrifice the other defense too :D) or go full defense and than play an guardian support. maybe i will put in some more option for this build in the future of the league

Jun 04, 2019 21:42:54 PM

Sounds good! Options are always nice to have.

A mixed offence/defence build is probably more useful if you're not helping the same people all the time, but if you're going to regularly be the support for a particular group, you'll probably know if they need offence or defence more.

I really want to see the exact numbers on Steelskin. It's possible it will actually be better than the old Immortal call for many characters (no porcupine defence, but more consistent damage reduction more often), but it's all in the details, especially the damage cap (they said it has a cap, but that number hasn't been published yet).

Jun 05, 2019 01:40:25 AM

Still viable for 3.7?

Jun 12, 2019 14:06:24 PM

Dang, thought there was an update!

He was testing it, but I don't know what Guggelhupf's plans are or if he's dropped this.

I think it's still a viable build, though it's a bit weaker, but not devastatingly so.

I'm hoping there's an update, but even if it's abandoned, I'd still like to hear what he has to say about the parts of the build where you go into the Witch starting area (as this no long provides nearly as much value), and I'm pretty sure you drop all of the former blood magic nodes. The Arcane Focus spur wasn't nerfed though, so I guess you do take those two still?

Alternate options for the points would be the Insightfulness wheel for more ES, and possibly the Melding wheel. Not sure about additional tree options for reduced reservation.

Jun 13, 2019 07:42:27 AM


Im a realy noob player, just know how to do what the guide says, so I always need to have sure aboult the build viability.

I use this build in 3.6 and its a fucking great build. I dont play in hardcore cause my PC is horrible and its always freezing, but I had realy good times with this build.

Do know another amazing aurabot with a 3.7 update? Or have u sure about when this build gonna have a update?

We are still farming with low budget builds but I wanna do this one in the next week.

Jun 13, 2019 20:20:04 PM

If you look up the thread, Guggel said that he made it work at a basic level by removing the helmet gem setup (3x Impurities), but I assume that was a test using the 3.6 tree and doesn't take into account the new changes to ES nodes.

You do have some room to reclaim points from the 3.6 version of the build, so I'm going to make a go of it myself. I already got the gear for my 3.6 version, so might as well try with her sitting around in Standard (also I have some legacy Energy From Withins I can use now hehe).

One word of warning though is that getting even ONE -1% Reserved corrupted Energy From Within is ridiculously expensive now, so that will be a barrier, even if you only need the one.

Jun 14, 2019 21:49:28 PM

This is my stupid "band aid"
lost anger vitality clarity... and more ?!?!?!
got all 3 node +1 res
9200 ES

Jun 18, 2019 20:17:49 PM

PLLSS save this build !! S2

Jul 11, 2019 05:49:53 AM
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