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Hey guys!

I will keep this main page updated as new builds come out and get linked here. Let's use the same format that each character class section has in the PvE section because why reinvent the wheel? Having all builds actually listed in one thread gets messy over time and hard to navigate. It is much easier to view/keep track of with a table of contents-style main page instead.

All builds are labeled either with their respective Ascendancy in Brackets like [ASC], [NEC], or [LLD] if low level dueling.

Follow these steps to have your build added:

1. Make your build it's own thread. It can be located here in the pvp section or the normal build area for it's class.
2. Include gear, gems, jewels, flasks, tree, swaps, explanations, and all the usual stuff. The more content, the better!
3. Link it here and/or pm it to me. Include the class/ascendancy, name of the build, and the URL to the specific thread.
4. Enjoy and please be constructive!

[ASC] Ahfack's AhForge 2H Voidforge/Starforge Scion

[TRK] Aodui's Max Dodge Heavy Striker

[ELE] CoalMN's Ethical Elementalist Blade Flurry HoWA

[GLA] Aodui's Beastfang The Slow Facebreaker

[CHA] Shaz's melee build that's worse than yours

[LLD] Granite's Charged Dash Tank

[ASC] MonstaCookie's The Tempest Shrapnel Shot Scion

[ELE] Docs DankGlums - Storm Call + Penta Golem Zoning

[ELE] Lapiz eHLD Flameblast

[GUA] Márkusz' Ethical target dummy - CI+block+regen

[DEA] Offscreen's Invisible Magma Orb AOEEEEEE

[GLA] Demi's Max Block Scorching Ray

[ASC] Dreamscythe's Death Walker Unearth Ascendant

[OCC] Márkusz' Tanky Caster - Flameblast + Others

[INQ] Bondisk's Cremation & Detonate Dead Build

[ASC] Rupenus' Disintegrator Blade Vortex

[TRK] Bondisk's All-Round COld Snapper

[NEC] Lapiz Mirror & Blink Arrow

[PAT][SAB] Rupenus' Doomfletch Prism Blast Rain Miner

[SAB] ctf's Lightning Miner

[ASC] Márkusz' Ethical Dodge Lightning trapper

[SAB] Bondisk's Fire Nova Mine

[SAB] Bondisk's Sire of Shard Trapper

[ASC]Márkusz' Fire dancer - Abberath's Fury

[LLD] PT's Walking Simulator

[LLD] Coookie's 5 Basic LLD Builds

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