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Real life occupied me a bit today so i didn't fully finish the update. However, the only thing that's left is classic CA+ED build and 2 things i can't update yet. I might even finish everything before i go to sleep (next 1-2 hours).

The levelling section is DONE. It wasn't too bad once i started rolling. I tried to be beginner friendly, but i didn't want to write an essay so... i guess i succeed, somewhat. Maybe. Map progression was surprisingly fast, didn't need too many changes in the end.

HarryHaller wrote:
Thinking about a trickster version of CA. My skilltree is almost the same with yours.

Im not sure about 2 options in the gem section:

First, i need to wait for pob implement the new HoAG gem. Maybe its a huge QoL for clearspeed. Maybe im gona skip this and will go stone/chaos golem like you.

Second, what u think about goin GMP/SP instead of goin DoFF? Gona focus on dealing daamge with the dot; so we wont get any leach for guaranteed full life. Cheers for the built and hf with the CA meta :D

HoAG is quite bad on this build as i don't focus on poison or have necessary fast hitting setup to apply it. It locks you on Pathfinder too.

I actually had GMP in mind as an option for clearing, didn't know how to implement it but it's now here. I also changes recommended 6-link to GGGGBR with R being Empower (obvious choice) or DoFL. That's mostly because of levelling process (no regen nodes at lvl 71).

You're wrong about the DoFL requirement tho. It's quite easy to stay at full life. Let me show you all factors:

* Very high evasion and dodge
* Good enough damage to kill majority of monsters almostinstantly
* Very fast speed allowing to avoid incoming damage
* Instant life flasks in case you get hit
* 4.6% life regen and flat regen from stone golem (used to be 6.6%) to counter ground DoTs
* Bosses usually don't hit you, allowing for full benefit
* Playstyle with Divination Distillate involves depleting mana through multiple (usually 2) quick CA shots. At least one of them is going to fully benefit from DoFL
* Not like DoFL is going to be necessary for map clearing

I can assure you that it's more than viable choice.

302mustang wrote:

Thanks for the build and sharing. How is clear speed and survivability?

i kinda die a lot cause i'm a noob and suck.


Good clear speed and great survivability, as long as you don't face tank monsters anyway. It's designed for hardcore after all.

jaav wrote:
Is this leveling guide for standard league? What point of it lol.

Big red text reading "CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION" was quite hard to see i presume. The new levelling guide is completed, feel free to look at it again.

Aug 31, 2018 03:00:14 AM

I was certain I would be flipping a coin between Trickster or PF but you kind of sold me. I want to try CA+Agony at some point but this sounds more balanced and I've always wanted to try a Raider bow build.

Aug 31, 2018 04:57:02 AM

I will be using this guide for my league
starter in delve league. Thank you for updating!

Aug 31, 2018 05:08:41 AM


August 31st, 2018 - Delve league

* The guide now focuses on scaling CA purely instead of CA and ED.
* The old playstyle can still be found in...

NEW SECTION: Classic CA+ED Build
* Experience old gameplay, min max your gear to push your dps to the limit.
* That extra dps isn't really necessary to beat all content in the game.
* You can find it at the bottom of guide's main post.

* Remade from scratch to reflect all the changes that happened since Abyss league.
* Still has old vibe in it.

* Slightly changes to reflect new direction of the guide and 3.4 balance changes.

Passive Tree:
* Now has 2 different Raider skill tree's for 2 different playstyles. CA only and Classic.

Other Ascendancy Classes:
* NEW ASCENDANCY - Pathfinder. Actually pretty good.
* Shiny ascendancy portraits have been added for easier navigation.
* All passive trees have been updated to reflect new diection of the guide.
* Deadeye now uses Fast and Deadly by default, with option to use Ricochet for more damage.
* Champion now uses Taunt branch by default, with option to use other 2 passive nodes.

Gem Setups:
* Caustic Arrow's setup now uses reworked Vicious Projectiles support by default (old: PPAD)
* Caustic Arrow's setup now has options for 6th support gem, as well as GMP swap for clearing.
* Essence Drain setup is now optional.
* NEW OPTIONAL SETUP: Wither Rain. Not sure how useful it is yet. Replaces Wither Totem.

* Majority of the sections have been updated to reflect new direction of the guide.
* Jewellery no longer requires ~60% mana regen. That's due CA's mana cost reduction.
* +8% Evade Watcher's Eye is now VERY much recommended once you reach Onslaught Path.
* Elemental resistances on bow and quivers are now a desired mod. (no weapon swap penalty)
* Added Atziri's Step as a possible boots choice. (thanks to resists from Quiver/Bow)

* Whole section has been updated to reflect new direction of the guide.
* Elemental bow and CA twink levelling have deleted.
* NEW SECTION: CA Levelling (Act 1-10). No longer needs twink gear!

* Now states the sad truth, the videos are outdated now.

* PoB link has been updated to reflect all changes to the guide.
* Section has been updated to reflect new direction of the guide.

Magic Find Setups:
* Section has been updated to reflect new direction of the guide.
* Goldwyrm is no longer usable thanks to CA's lowered mana cost. (60% mana regen)
* Cheap and Full MF setups now use Sadima's Touch instead of Goldwyrm. (painful change)

Crafting Section:
* Minor changes to intro. Now recommends using Advanced Mod Description instead of 3rd party sites.
* Elemental resistances on bow and quivers are now a desired mod. (no weapon swap penalty)
* (NOT DONE/CONFIRMED YET) Elder Bow crafting now focuses on creating +3 gems 7-link bow instead of additional arrow/AoE.
* Useful Shaper/Elder/Vaal mods dump is still almost useless. Keep reading.

* Section has been updated to reflect new direction of the guide.
* Removed few outdated questions, added some new ones.

Changelog's... changes:
* Due to massive changes to the build and already long changelog, i'm removing previous patches from it.
* You can still find whole changelog prior to 3.4 update on page 17 inside archived guide.

Aug 31, 2018 05:27:44 AM

Thanks for the updates!
Ive made a tree for Pathfinder without frenzy charges. What do you think?

Aug 31, 2018 07:21:43 AM

hey i will try ur build as leaguestarter. i have one question though, u say raider is very good for this build but all the streamer ive seen and especialy one said that pathfinder is way better. can u tell me why the opinions are so different on that? and why do u think raider is best?

Aug 31, 2018 08:16:00 AM

Hey DankawSL, thanks for the build and constant updates over the last few days.

Currently I'm torn between using Raider or Trickster as a starter, with trickster giving heaps of more damage.
I'm wondering if it would be better to roll trickster as a league starter due to this, especially when +3 bows might be hard to come by in the beginning and now that everyone and their granny seems to be rolling CA.

I do get the QoL features that raider offers (phasing, move speed, higher dodge base), but the damage difference between the two is huge.

Aug 31, 2018 08:42:56 AM

What do You think about using Herald of Agony? or are You completly dumping it ? ( Im thinking of MF version of CA with QOTF )

Aug 31, 2018 11:53:41 AM - what do you think of my version of CA?

Aug 31, 2018 12:24:59 PM

I will try this in Delve League. I was thinking of going with Champion Ascendancy since I find myself dying in the past two leagues - never even beaten any major end game bosses. Is there anything I should know for playing this build as a Duelist/Champion?

Aug 31, 2018 13:47:05 PM
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