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For gameplay footage & verbally describing the build, check out this video guide: Volatile Dead Video Guide

For the Elementalist version click HERE!

Path of Building Link for the build:
Simply go to "Import/Export Build" > Click the "Import from Pastebin" paste the link in there, and then click "Import"

If you have any questions you can always come to my twitch stream to get them answered or just to enjoy the stream:

Ghazzy's Livestreaming Channel


Is this build for you?

1. If you are looking for a fast & smooth Volatile Dead build

2. A build that is not only viable in both hardcore & softcore, but also Atziri, Uber Izaro.

3. Insanely high eHP with really good clear speed.

4. If you prefer a build guide that has a video linked to it.


Build Enabling/Enhancing Items:

3x Grand Spectrum Cobalt Jewels are there to help you sustain the MoM effect.

Oskarm Nubuck Gloves these gloves are there for the Assassin's Mark on Hit mod as well as the increased Critical Strike chance per accuracy rating allowing us to have use of accuracy rolls on items though that is not something we prioritise.

Starkonja's Head this helps us cover the dexterity needs to some extent as well as granting decent life and extra crits for our DMG output.

Inspired Learning this is an end-game item with a pretty hefty price tag but absolutely worth it after you've collected everything else for the build!


Defence & Utility

We are using Vaal Grace to increase our evasion significantly as the main utility source for defensive stats. You could add a CWDT setup if you wish to the build as well which can help a lot vs Porcupines & Bone Husks.

Here is a link to a downloadable calculator for how much effective HP you'll have with Mind Over Matter: Mind Over Matter eHP Calculator


Pantheon Choices:

Pantheon List

Major God:

- Soul of the Brine King
Helps you avoid getting chain stunned.

Minor God:

- Soul of Shakari
Makes you immune to poison damage later on.


Skill-gems & Setups:

Volatile Dead:

- Volatile Dead, Spell Cascade, Elemental Focus, Increased Critical Strikes, Controlled Destruction, Increased Critical Damage


- Cremation, Increased Critical Strikes, GMP, Increased Critical Damage

You can switch the Crit DMG support gem for Power Charge on Crit for later boss kill approaches so you can generate power charges vs lengthy boss fights or at least sustain them. Bosses shouldn't last very long at all.


- Desecrate, Spell Cascade, Arcane Surge, Faster Casting

I tend to make sure my Arcane Surge procs on every second cast (usually around lvl 11).

Spell Totem:

You have 2 options here:

1) Use Unearth for better DPS vs bosses:
- Spell Totem, Unearth, GMP
2) Use Decoy Target in the form of either:
- Decoy Totem
- Spell Totem, Summon Skeleton


- Vaal Grace, Efficacy, Increased Duration

If you're playing softcore you can have less mana and add both Herald of Thunder & Herald of Ice if you wish.

Stand alone sockets:

- Lightning Golem


- Shield Charge, Faster Attacks, Fortify


- Herald of Ash, Clarity


The gem selection are designed from my own personal playstyle using this build, this is by no means the best for all players. Some have listed a few issues they feel they have with the build so here's a few other approaches you can use to help make it feel tankier:

Change Unearth Totem for a Decoy Totem or a Spell Totem + Summoner Skellies.

Fitting a CWDT setup can be very VERY nice, even considered adding it myself for the lazy comfort feeling, such setup would look like this: CWDT + Immortal Call my personal preference are to use lvl 3 CWDT with lvl 5 IC. Though that's a matter of taste.


Skill-tree & Ascendancy Nodes:

Ascendancy Nodes:
The priority is very straight forward for this build;
You start with taking up Sanctuary, after this you take the Pious Path.
Then you want to take Righteous Providence and lastly the Inevitable Judgementnode

Leveling skill-tree, 35 points

Leveling skill-tree, 57 points

Leveling skill-tree, 99 points

Finished skill-tree


Once the skill-tree is finished, just focus 100% on more jewel slots.
Also note that the Inspired Learning will require you to spec "Resourcefulness" which is completely useless unless you have an Inspired Learning Jewel in there!


Leveling Tips:

Simply use Magma Orb or what ever other ability you prefer till you hit lvl 12 in which case I recommend using Firestorm. This will then be used till you hit lvl 16 in act 2 and pick up the Desecrate skillgem which will now allow you to go back to act 1 and pick up Spell Cascade, those 2 linked together will now allow you to switch entirely over to the Volatile Dead setup which should be linked like this early on:
Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade + either Added Lightning or Added Cold (or both if possible) till you are able to get yourself Controlled Destruction & Elemental Focus which will replace those 2 when available.

During this part of the game it is strongly recommended to have these 4 auras:
Clarity - Herald of Thunder & Herald of Ice Herald of Ash.
You might be low on Dexterity for all of this so I recommend using a Dexterity increasing amulet such as a Jade Amulet.

You will continue using this till you're lvl 41 in which case you are able to equip the Nycta's Lantern which will carry you to yellow tier maps if not more. You want to move your Volatile Dead setup in there using Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade - Elemental Focus. You don't want to switch away from this till you get a 5L or 6L in which case you want to move in your Cremation in this (yes it's better than a normal 4L) with these links: Cremation - GMP - Conc Effect. Use this till you can afford the end-game weapon which should be a high spell dmg & crit providing mace or dagger.


- Save Alira for better crit & mana regen.


Gearing & Stat Priorities

What base items to use:

The base items of this build really doesn't matter as we don't care about the base defensive stats such as armour(str), evasion(dex) or energy shield(int). So instead the base items will follow the stat priority listed in this guide.
However, the attribute requirement of the items will base how hard it is to chrome (color) which will be the only thing we will think about when planing our gearing.
So, if you need 4 blue sockets in an item the recommendation is to get an item that has Energy Shield (int) base or a hybrid base which includes Energy Shield (int).

By using this chrome calculating website: you can easily track how hard it will be to chrome the colors you need. This YouTube playlist can help a lot for new players and also includes a few tricks when coloring items with the "wrong attribute requirements" for your build:

Defensive Stats:

1. Life
2. Mana
3. Resistances
4. Strength

Offensive Stats:

1. Elemental DMG
1. Spell DMG
1. Area DMG
1. Fire DMG
1. Crit Increase (Global or Spell)
1. Crit DMG


Same as the offensive stats unless you need defensive stats, then mix or follow that.


1x Seething Divine Flask of w/e suffix
1x w/e prefix Diamond Flask of w/e suffix
1x Ample Basalt Flask of Staunching
1x Ample Quicksilver Flask of Heat
1x w/e prefix Silver Flask of w/e suffix


Recommended Unique Items:
Doryani's Catalyst
Cloak of Defiance
3x Grand Spectrum Cobalt Jewels
Tabula Rasa
Inspired Learning
Starkonja's Head

Recommended LvLing Uniques:
Nycta's Lantern
Tabula Rasa



For gameplay footage & verbally describing the build, check out this video guide: Volatile Dead Video Guide

For the Elementalist version click HERE! Also to note for the ones curious: Currently (patch 3.1) the VD build is probably the strongest build in the game for Elementalists, though it really can't compare to the strength of an Inquisitor. Hopefully we will see buffs to the Elementalist class within a near future.

Before you start posting questions I would recommend checking the video. I am as always available in my stream!

Hope you guys will enjoy the build! Below you can access my other build guides:

Build Guides


Dec 17, 2017 18:45:49 PM

* Reserved *

Dec 17, 2017 18:46:03 PM

what the difference between inq and elem versions?

Dec 17, 2017 20:21:47 PM

Fuck. Well time to reroll character :D Been enjoying your streams man!

Dec 17, 2017 20:36:18 PM

undersailor wrote:
what the difference between inq and elem versions?

Inquisitor is crit oriented, Elementalist is penetration oriented :)

famulor wrote:
Fuck. Well time to reroll character :D Been enjoying your streams man!

Glad you like it bro thank you!

Dec 17, 2017 20:51:41 PM

Which of the two did you prefer more? Elementalist or Inquisitor?

Dec 17, 2017 21:12:47 PM

How much mana do you actually get from those 3 jewel slots? That seems like a large sacrifice given the crazy mods possible on the new jewels.

Dec 17, 2017 21:13:38 PM

Equipping 3x Grand Spectrum grants 30 * 3 * 3 = +270 to maximum Mana.

Dec 18, 2017 01:52:22 AM

I certainty haven't done the math, but that's 13 points in the tree and 3 jewel slots purely dedicated to mana. It seems like there could be a better return, but then again, OP has probably thought about this longer than I have.

Dec 18, 2017 02:44:24 AM

Me and a mate (who I forced to play aurabot) had a ton of blast leveling yesterday (we hit 22 or something, also, great pun!)!
Thanks for the guide Ghazzy and see you around!

Dec 18, 2017 06:41:17 AM
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