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so I'm doing maps and noticed that if the map has the mod with the floor with ice or fire the fps drops so much that you can't even play it, also the resolution drops a lot too, you simply can't notice if a monster is near you or not with that low fps + low resolution combination, also the chances to die because of that is greatly increased, you just can't react to anything in the screen with such problems...

I think the problem are on how those ice/fire effects are made, something with them is making xbox have a lot of trouble to 'make' those effects... there's an area of act5 with fire all over the place that also lower the resolution a lot, but at least it doens't seem to drop fps

Sep 02, 2017 06:59:48 AM

Sep 02, 2017 07:35:14 AM

Hope they will work on performance on this game... Many times graphics is worse than d2 :D

Sep 02, 2017 14:05:14 PM
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