Forum Index Console Bug Reports Haku Daily is impossible to complete.


-Time: I've had this happen whenever you try to finish a Daily Mission for Haku

-Location: Irrelevant as I've attempted multiple times on different maps, the actual quest line is bugged

-Error Messages/Bug: I've found is that once you take the portal from your hideout to the quest location, the mission status is already set as being "Mission failed. You have abandoned the mission." This message changes when entering the dungeon, when you've completed the dungeon, but will revert back to being failed when leaving; however returning to the dungeon will tell you that the mission has been completed.

Gamertag: OnValkyrieWings

Sep 01, 2017 18:20:53 PM

Are you sure you're not hitting A too many times and cancelling the mission by mistake?

Sep 01, 2017 21:41:17 PM
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