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Temple (T9) can spawn both. Need to test 7 tilesets more and i can do all list to spawn.

Sep 01, 2017 10:45:01 AM

Is there any way I can check if my Spectres are res capped? I can not seem to find it anywhere in PoB or char sheet ingame.

Sep 01, 2017 11:05:52 AM

In game u cant do it.

20/20/20 Wicked man and 40/0/0 Tukohama.

+16% all res from Herd the Flack + 20% Commander of darkness + 30% from Raise spectre gem. So u need +9% all res from jewel for cap tukohama, and dont need it if u use only wicked man.

P.S. You can use totem and minion res and skip herd the flack and jewel part if u want.

Sep 01, 2017 11:42:43 AM

Sorry, but what do you mean by Herd the Flack? I can not seem to find it anywere lol.

Sep 01, 2017 12:09:23 PM

Revolutia wrote:
Sorry, but what do you mean by Herd the Flack? I can not seem to find it anywere lol.

Herd the Flock* sorry :]. All res for minions +16% + 1 zombie node. Near templar - summoner cluster.

Sep 01, 2017 12:25:36 PM

So currently trying out Tukohama's Fortress with Necromantic Aegis and grabbing the minion block node wheel after it.. gotta say it feels pretty sick to have 6 totems with just 3 spectres - will try using a vis Mortis alongside all that next - would you try the +1 spectre wand or is 30% life reserved just too insane of a burden paired with losing shield?

Sep 01, 2017 15:43:27 PM


im atm lvl75 starting with low tier maps and got already a Vis mortis cheap, atm 5S and 4L for the basics.

i tried to run with 3 wicked man and 1 vanguard from coast 45 / ravaged square 64, but my vanguard dies really fast- doing phantasmagoria...

i still have herd the flock but dont have the uber lab, so vanguards have 75%/46%/46% but only lvl 45..

or do vanguards only can be kept alive if i am raising them from maps?

i dont have 4x +xx% minion max life jewels yet, but it feels that that wouldnt really help as vanguards are kinda getting oneshotted

and my impression of starting with vanguards from the coast lvl 45 was, that hey can at least survive the first tier maps...

so i am doing smtg wrong maybe?

Sep 01, 2017 16:13:08 PM

can you do reflect maps with this build? or does it kill minions?

Sep 01, 2017 16:47:39 PM

So tried shaper with tukohama and vis mortis, carried 2 people (lvl 19 0%qual spectre) - walk in the park. ONE remaining spectre soloed the boss remaining 30% after we got fucked thanks to random person detonating vortex inside zanas zone :) the damage with 4 is just insane

Grabbing the t17 vanguards in brutus area is a pretty nice added bonus, 2

Sep 01, 2017 16:48:43 PM

Giammafix wrote:
can you do reflect maps with this build? or does it kill minions?

Righteous Fire does not hit = no Reflect
Scorching Ray does not hit = no Reflect

So you're doing fine. Only affix that seems to be annoying is cannot regenerate life/mana, doable with flask though

Gotta say i would never recommend this build to anyone though. SR seems to cause lots of game crashes, especially if you use 8 of them. As long as GGG doesnt fix Spectres being gone with leaving the game session it's honestly just frustrating to play.

Sep 01, 2017 17:02:32 PM
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