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Hey dude will you update this build for 3.2?

Champion ascendcy just got revealed and its a buff will this be a decent buff for the build?

should i remove Resolute technique? (Ill farm only ubber lab no end game bosses)

any more change ?

Thanks dude

Feb 21, 2018 23:45:01 PM

Also wondering too, does the node first to strike last to fall work with totems. Says your hits just wondering :). Also when it says you taunt does that include the totems for the more damage multiplers and the reduced damage taken or only when you do it!

Feb 22, 2018 01:28:28 AM

Honestly, I'd keep RT, skip Worthy foe and take inspirational instead for labbing

Feb 22, 2018 14:09:06 PM

So looks like this will be pretty nasty in 3.2.

Take Unstoppable Hero, First to Strike, and two taunt nodes. Use Coruscating Elixir and, if necessary, an insta-heal life flask to proc adrenaline buff, try and hit bosses once before putting your totems up so they get intimidated, and then, for every boss outside of guardians, watch as they constantly switch between two totems taunting them.

Seriously, with 100% chance to taunt on hit you're just never going to get hit, unless the enemy is taunt-immune, the only thing to avoid will be massive aoe attacks that might still hit you, even though your totem is the target.

Start with Kondo's Pride, later either upgrade to Starforge, or, if you're filthy rich, get Tukohama's and a mirror-tier 1h weapon.

Might just use this as a leaguestarter.

Feb 22, 2018 16:33:18 PM

Achnod wrote:
Honestly, I'd keep RT, skip Worthy foe and take inspirational instead for labbing

Daam yeah it would me more damage and more MS.

the 35% damage is apply to Totem rigth ?

Feb 22, 2018 23:01:34 PM

XzeeeN wrote:

Daam yeah it would me more damage and more MS.

20% more damage multiplier (forgetting the 100% chance to hit even) vs 35% increased damage.

Suuuure, that' upgrade...:D.

Feb 23, 2018 03:46:06 AM

I can't wait to try the new nodes next league..this build is great at clearing content... maybe not super fast....but this league i made more currency(got lucky while uber lab farming) and progressed further than ever in end-game(killed shaper) than any other time i have played a league...hopefully lifting stops by soon and gives us his opinion on the new changes

my league starter for sure

Feb 23, 2018 06:22:48 AM

Do you already know the changes for the Ascendancy nodes? ? Can't fins these.

Feb 23, 2018 10:42:59 AM

Video of changes

Image of changes

I never tried this build, i think it could be my league starter, seems pretty solid especially with the change on unstoppable hero (will be unstoppable during levelling with the boost for sure :D ). Is leveling smooth at the very beginning of the league ?

Any advices ? Thanks a lot :)

Feb 23, 2018 11:18:14 AM

Thanks mate.

Feb 23, 2018 13:11:00 PM
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