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SunL4D2 wrote:
Snorkle_uk wrote:
what about an auction house purely for currency to currency trading? Whats the feeling there? No actual items, that stays old school.

Is this even needed?

There was no currencie price fix nor in Prophecie nor in Essence. Also most people only exchange currencie from time to time. But it will be so good for Traders. Just imagine automated currencie swap system that makes you money without you doing anything. Wait...I am not sure how currencie traders are gonna deal with that though - given person with better ratios will have all the deals. Wait again, resources are not unlimited and sooner or later people will come up to realization that they don't need to dump their prices, but keep their price in line with others. So it will be really great :P Quicky easy buy for buyer, quicky easy money trader.

Problem is buying/seeling items. Afk people, price fixing, need to stop what you are doing, "this character is not online", etc. etc.

This. And those people not answering you at all.

Jan 13, 2017 11:35:03 AM


Jan 13, 2017 14:02:00 PM

So should I try to sell my chaos now or price will only go down with time? I don't have Currencie tab, so keeping currencie in chaos is not that easy...

Jan 13, 2017 17:44:46 PM

SunL4D2 wrote:
So should I try to sell my chaos now or price will only go down with time? I don't have Currencie tab, so keeping currencie in chaos is not that easy...

I doubt it will sink much lower if at all. The price has stabilized at around 55c. Prices tend to go up near the end of the league and reach equiiibrium with standard prices by the end of it (which are sky high right now).

Jan 13, 2017 18:35:58 PM

^ Doesn't seem like its stabilized around 55c. It was stable for 2 days +\- at 59-60c but in the last few days it kept dropping, now 52-53c. Drooped about 1c per day.

Jan 14, 2017 16:31:55 PM

I don't understand why we don't just have vendor exchange rates for all currency. This would fix everyone's gripes for those interested in playing the game as an ARPG rather than an economy simulator. This is an ARPG . . . right?

Jan 14, 2017 18:02:14 PM

Double post

Jan 14, 2017 18:02:21 PM

I am still not sure about selling my chaos now or waiting...

Jan 14, 2017 19:05:15 PM

AHAB_10 wrote:
This is an ARPG . . . right?

It is.

But believe me, slaying monsters comes second to a lot of players. They measure their "fun" in currency, and if they cannot take advantage of currency rates or price fixing, their progress will feel too slow, and they can no longer cry about how easy this game is after beating Shaper in two weeks. It will now take three weeks.

Post script:
I find it kind of funny/ironic, that some players choose to buy every single item, and then cry about how easy this game has become. And on top of that, they cry for an AH, to make it even easier. Trading will always be easy, and more players + easier trading will make it even more so. But this belongs in another thread, I'm sorry.

Jan 14, 2017 19:52:50 PM

They are still dropping :D

Jan 15, 2017 05:14:33 AM
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