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Was like 140+c in Bestiary

109:1 and higher. It's actually even higher, because first listings just won't respond.

105:1 What the Hell? It was 98:1 just yesteraday.

92:1 month into the League. Hehe? Numbers don't lie, this League has ended!

5th day of Abyss. It's going down for whatever reason. 41:1 or so.

3rd day of Abyss. Wasn't it supposed to stay at 30 or so for at least few days more? ;_; Good League start. Good easy Ex at the begining of the League boys.

Well, 3.0 is here. Not necessary price fixing, but lets observe Exalted orb price shenigans again. Shall we?

Price fixing intensifies.

Until Exalt is raising there is no reason to buy Ex...wait until it will start to go down and then go ham.

I decided to revive this Thread and use it for any tin-foily PoE economy shenanigans.

Enjoy the discussion.

Breach shenanigans. In the middle of the League Ex strarted for some reason to drop in price each day. 41:1 was minimum. Later it restored it's price.
Literally what the actual fuck?

Exalted Orbs dropped from 70 to 53 Chaos in 2 days. Ever happened in Leagues before? There was nothing like this during Prophecie or Essence.

Is this just price manipulation which will end in a few days or Exalted orbs price will continue to drop?

Player dropoff is smaller compared to previous Leagues according to Steam charts and nothing special in particular happened during last few days. Do you have any reasonable explanation?

Jan 08, 2017 13:09:29 PM

chaos orb:
reroling maps
zana map mods
reroling items
and about dozen other things
exalted orbs:
crafting additional rare mod
buying expensive rares that u can roll with chaos

it had to happen at some point,
in this week i droped 4 exalts and i sold all before price droped and iam preety happy, meaby prices will hit magical 44 chaos like in the past :)

Jan 08, 2017 13:25:46 PM

Because chaos orbs are getting more valuable, due to being super super used atm to craft expensive ES gear.

Its not exalts drop value, its chaos orbs being more on demand due to crafting gear

Jan 08, 2017 13:27:24 PM

Because everyone is mapping now and doing shitty regal recipe instead of chaos. More demand for chaos less supply.

Simple supply and demand as usual with exalts side of it too. Most people already decked out in exalts gear. I have not spent an exalt in a week. I'm sure most people find them rather useless now.

OTOH I'll blow 15c on each map all day.

Jan 08, 2017 13:46:10 PM

There is also the effect of people see exalts dropping, so they reprice everything in chaos, further increasing the value of chaos, and further decreasing the price of exalts

Jan 08, 2017 17:10:28 PM

Aim_Deep wrote:

OTOH I'll blow 15c on each map all day.

You need a better build then... you shoudn't be rolling over that many mods lol

Jan 08, 2017 17:11:09 PM

The reasons listed so far in this thread makes sense (chaos orbs having more uses, people at later point in the league do regal recipe) but the problem here is that those reasons were vaild for the last 3-4 leagues.

Why is it that NOW the exalts/chaos ratio is going down after the lastest leagues only had the exalt price going up as they went on?

If I were to make an assumption, it would be this: A long time ago, exalts were really cheap in softcore leagues (about 30c). That changed the day that people found that they can make a lot of profit by using exalts with master crafting. This happened when people were doing tons of SRS and Caustic arrow builds, and everyone wanted those +3 to gem level bows and staves. So exalts raised in value until it correlated with their actual rarity.
So I may conclude that, after several leagues, people cant find that much return value in master crafting anymore. The current popular builds are not in need of tricks for getting good gear through master crafting, and there are quite a good chunck of unique items that replace the need of nice rares.

Jan 08, 2017 17:20:55 PM

for the vast majority of players, exalted are not a crafting item but a pure currency item, and for most players their only use is being traded for other things.
other items like chaos and chisels on the other hand are much less of a pure currency - they are frequently consumed by large amounts of players (chaos for item crafting, rolling maps and using zana mods, chisels for getting quality on maps) and thus have a certain inherent value to players.

market demand for exalts is driven pretty much exclusively by speculation and trading concerns, while demand for other currency items is tied to the value that players derive from using them. that's why the exalt price is much more volatile than that of most other stuff.

Jan 08, 2017 17:21:25 PM


Why is it that NOW the exalts/chaos ratio is going down after the lastest leagues only had the exalt price going up as they went on?

Perhaps this:
Player dropoff is smaller compared to previous Leagues according to Steam charts

-more exalts orbs found
-more chaos orbs used for Zana map mods/rerolling maps etc
-less chaos orbs produced through chaos recipe because of the regal recipe

Jan 08, 2017 18:19:29 PM

The new mapping experience and tiers screwed over the chaos recipe extremely hard.

It takes like a few levels of mapping now to be in the tiers that provide regals and i don't think a lot of people will bother running lower content to simply complete for chaoses.



Jan 08, 2017 18:27:47 PM
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