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I'm an avid moba player. So I come from a PvP rich background, since moba are the fucken best! I've been pvping in poe about 7minutes now and am already rank 1 on multiple ladders.

+ The (__)D)Lord, god of EA/CWDT/ZERPHI
+ iNsANe! AOE.
+ Superior clear speed.
+ PvP dominance (secondary dmg + AoE shotgun + zerphi sustain).
+ PvE dominance (shaper/uber-lab/uber-atziri/twilight strand capable).
+ Economical build (get started with ~3ex) with huge growth potential.
+ Nerf-proof because GGG doesn't care
+ Insane burst damage, kill most people with the initial fuse. (PWNT)
+ Vomiting spell at melee range (CUZ FUK YO MELEE)
- always managing ur mana because of zerphi's

MECHANICS (the rocket science):
Since we are pathfinder, we have nearly 100% uptime on all flasks. (Balanced and never to be nerfed.)
+ 75%/50% block with only rumi/rearguard.
+ 30 arrows/fuses total with dying sun.
+ 400% increased AOE from dying sun.
+ Ample life gain on attack from zerphi's.
+ EA secondary damage type. (Note: not relied on)
+ Scale burn damage to the HEAVENZ with quadruple double triple-dipping on jewels/tree/gear/gems.
+ Adaptable: No swaps required, just hold attack. Match ups are irrelevant, arenas are irrelevant.
+ Using elemental equilibirum and the right CWDT setup to max EA (I don't rely on this)
+ To sustain mana correctly we need some dmg taken gained as mana because we gain mana from the dmg caused by Scold (ideal amount is around 15%, if u pass that u will have a hard time in pvp cuz u will gain to much mana n cancel zerphi's effect.
-You DO NOT want to over do this....because without these mechanics you'd have to actually PvP. I repeat, do not exceed the threshold or you will be PvPing and we don't want to PvP, we want to just PWWWWWWWWWWWWWN FUCKAZ WIT DA SKILLZ.

+ 75%/50% block, with a bow....ya with a bow!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cuz fuck ya bro!
+ zerphi's life gain (mana cost is about 144 so we gain 1152 life for every attack).
+ CWDT+frost bomb+decrepify+amplify damage to turn everyone into CI (in a bad way, i.e. rekt their life regeneration).
+ CWDT+vortex+hurricane+ice nova+holy freeze to chill all none pathfinder build (90% are pathfinder) and also help EE mechanic.
+ CWDT+molten shell+fireball+magmaorb+etherealknife+bladefall+cyclone+lightning arrow+fist of heavens+frozen orb+armageddon to vomit on any melee build with constant aoe overlapped pwnfuckingage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! da skillz spilling out all over the place daaaaaaaaaawg.

+ EA too gud
+ The scaled increased area of effect (AoE) will enhance the overlap and coverage, enabling you to control the pvp battleground.!
-For pvp, EA explosion is very good due to the fact that its can't be block or dodge. It's 100% legit and should never be nerfed.

note: Always use GMP+AoE so you never have to aim. I repeat you DO NOT want to ever have to aim in this game. Just hold down attack and let everything trigger off of you for free, if there happens to be walls around you that's an added bonus of pwnage bc you just fucken exploded the screen woooooooooooooot!
+ CWDT/molten shell link with: fire pen/ele focus/control destruction
+ CWDT/vortex/inc aoe/frost bomb
+ CWDT/ice nova/ele weak
+ blink arrow alone...oh fuck who am I kidding, just use more CWDT. CWDT Flame dash for auto movement!

GOAL: To NEVER EVER win by using anything you did yourself.

+ Helm enchant: EA 12% AOE
+ Glove: Winter enchant for max pwnage and 1 hit kills on reflect
+ Boots enchant: 10% ele pen if u haven't kill recently for deluxe pwnage


Zerphi's Last Breath
Grand Mana Flask
Click to expand
  • 50% increased Charges used
  • Grants Last Breath when you Use a Skill during Flask Effect, for 800% of Mana Cost
  • "Proof that if you devote yourself to a god of death,

    you may be spared from its wrath."

    - Icius Perandus, Antiquities Collection, Item 408

    Additional Accuracy Support
    Click to expand
  • Level 20 (Max)
  • Quality +20%
  • Supported Skills have +1034 to Accuracy Rating
  • Supported Skills have 20% increased Accuracy Rating
  • Explosive Arrow
    Click to expand
  • Level 21 (Max)
  • Quality +20%
  • Base duration is 1.00 seconds
  • 20% chance to Ignite enemies
  • Explosion deals 656 to 984 Base Fire Damage per Fuse Charge
  • +2 to Explosion Radius per Fuse Charge
  • The Scholar
    Click to expand
  • {40x Scroll of Wisdom}
  • It is with the smallest of words that we find the largest of truths.

    +socket every slot with (__)D) jewels for max aoe

    My "skill" tree:

    Optimized Grand Spectrum version:

    "Legit" version:


    Until this point you haven't had to do anything to win. That's all about to change so brace yourself for the ultimate battle.

    -With a fierce sweeping motion, remove everything that could possibly hinder your flask hand. This includes Mountain Dews,Doritos...everything, trust me on this one.

    -Next with an assortment of bendy straws directly inject any full cans of Mountain Dew game fuel directly into your bloodstream like you're Bane from Batman.

    -Equip any certified (look for the certification, you can't afford knock offs here) flasking glove i.e wrist protector.

    -Turn on appropriate music for such an epic battle. I like Lamb Chops, song that never ends.

    -Lock the door and assure anyone who asks that you're neither gay nor masterbaiting (suckers)

    -Assume you've logged in already and began the match. Immediately let flame dash or similar auto movement skill teleport you to your opponent. They will of done the same, leaving you both face to face, flask to flask, bed pan to bed pan and exchanging one of the most retarded gazes you could ever imagine RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR! Quickly ready your flask fingers and with your 1 mouse button continually held (never let go, just hold it) hit (like a master pianist) 12345 12345 12345 12345 12345 infinitely until you either win...or you lose. If you've lost, he/she was clearly the better player or you slipped up somewhere. This is a meticulous process and will take some getting used to, most mortals barely get past the first few steps so if you've even gotten this far don't lose faith.

    IGN: MullaXul

    Dec 20, 2016 01:18:20 AM


    P.S i laughed hard.

    Dec 20, 2016 01:41:50 AM

    Mulla, May Finally Have, Lost it.


    Dec 20, 2016 01:49:15 AM


    But is it full fire max aoe ?

    Dec 20, 2016 01:54:23 AM

    IceDeal wrote:

    But is it full fire max aoe ?

    you dont need it,

    just resume holding the mouse button down while standing in place...thus EXPLODING THE FUCKEN WORLD YO!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT, cwdt/ea/zerphi's wooooooooooooot fuck ya.

    Dec 20, 2016 01:57:25 AM

    IceDeal wrote:

    But is it full fire max aoe ?

    The fullest of fire with the most max of AoE




    Dec 20, 2016 01:58:48 AM

    mulla, your ninjas are a bit fat, what are they eating?

    Dec 20, 2016 02:01:35 AM

    Newbs, they eat newbs.

    PvP game face "activated"


    MullaXul: 900 kills 0 deaths

    All while napping, whats up?

    Dec 20, 2016 02:02:30 AM

    Mulla, you're doing the Lord's work in here. I would ask some questions about the build, but you explained everything perfectly! You're attention to detail is amazing, and this is probably the best guide out there.

    Dec 20, 2016 02:06:01 AM

    You know, this appeals to me greatly, I've always been a fan of peoples watching, and one of my life goals is to go to an american Walmart.

    Dec 20, 2016 02:07:32 AM
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