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We've consolidated a number of excellent threads to be accessible from this post, now updated to include some newer guides and to remove older links. Let us know if you think anything should be added/removed or presented better. (Thanks to Invalesco for his post formatting)


~Game Mechanics and Guides~

[FAQ] Gameplay Tips and FAQ for new players
A basic guide on the immediate gameplay, created by Malice

[FAQ] Answers to common questions (AKA in-game FAQ)
Answers for new players, created by TheMage2000

[Guides] Noperative's Beginner Guide to Path of Exile
A well-presented beginner guide covering everything from the options menu to leveling strategies, by Noperative

[Guides] How To Make A Build Guide
A tidy guide to writing a clear and user-friendly guide to your build, by CaptainWARLORD

[Mechanics] Detailed Game Mechanics on Wiki
An extensive guide detailing how the game works, stats/skills/modifiers/game modes and more, originally created by Malice (now updated to link directly to the un-official wiki)

[IIQ/IIR] Balance and Diminishing Returns
Theory and research into optimal Item Quantity/Rarity bonuses, by Chuca79

[Settings] Commonly Changed Settings
Useful tips on how to configure the game, by adghar


~Character Building & Progression~

[Quests] Quest Walkthrough on Wiki
Details on the quests and how to complete them.

[Q.Rewards] Quest Rewards on Wiki
Details the rewards provided for each completed quest.

[Skilltree] Automatic Skill Tree Generator
A powerful app for building skill-trees, by Emmittlol

[Builds] Build of the Week Seasons
A list of the GGG featured "Build of the Week", by peachii

[Builds] How to make a build - quick start guide
An outline for what to consider when planning a character build, by Kirielis

For specific builds, please check out the Classes/Builds subforums:
Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Scion, Shadow, Templar, Witch



[Crafting] Crafting Resource Guide
How to craft and the mechanics behind it, by Invalesco. Please also see master crafting.

[Crafting] Prefixes and Suffixes
The official lists of prefixes and suffixes for rolling items

[C.Recipies] The Exiled Sale Recipe Book
Recipes for crafting in-game items, by radiatoren

[Maps] Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps
An extensive guide to maps and mapping, by GildedCage

[Uniques] Unique Items List
originally by FaceLicker, now managed by ChronoExile

[Trading] PoE Shops Indexer
Unofficial index website for searching the forum for items, by xyz

[Trading] Procurement
Unofficial item/character organizer & trade post templates, by Stickymaddness

[DivCards] Divination Cards on Wiki
A list of Divination Cards in the game, and where to find them. Also check out Aramil's thread with more details about Divination Cards and Highgate supporters


~Item Filters~

[Filters] The Guide to Loot Filters
Davros70's comprehensive guide to creating your own loot filters, complete with links to community-made filters.

[Filters] VISUAL LOOT FILTER LIST - The Choice is Yours
This list provides screenshots of available filters and short 30 second videos of gameplay, using the same map as background for easy visual comparison.

[FilterTools] FilterBlast - a web-hub with up-to-date item filters
Dissolator's free tool to help make, share and enjoy loot filters. Many filters have a customizable user interface.

[FilterUpdates] Updated Maraketh weapon names
The official list of Maraketh Weapon names in case you need to correct your filter.



[Tools] POE Tools
A compilation of useful tools for Path of Exile on one website, including an aura calculator, an experience penalty calculator, a map progress tracker, and a talisman item level calculator.

There is also a sister site, POE Statistics with statistics of players' experience gains, placings, and more. Both managed by XnIcRaM

[MTX] MTX Finder
A useful tool for locating missing microtransactions, by Emmittlol

[Builds] Full Attack & Spell DPS Calculator
A webapp that will calculate final attack/spell dps, by Chuca79

[Items] PoE Item Info Script
A autohotkey script that will retrieve essential item information with a single in-game keypress, by aRTy42

[Items] Instant Gem Search Engine
A search engine that can quickly display the vendor availability of any gem, by ComfyGangsta

[Colorblind] Unofficial Colourblind Mode
Guide to using ReshadeFX post-processing for impaired vision, by Priory


Old Links

[Quests] Complete Quests Walkthrough
by KrapnoV

[Q.Rewards] Quest Reward List
Google spreadsheet that tracks skills/skill points/items etc awarded on quest completion, by Coldet.

[Skilltree] Unofficial Offline Skilltree Calculator
An offline tool to test your character build, by Headhorr

[Leveling] Experience Efficiency Chart: Zones & Character Level
A color coded google doc and image that displays the efficiency of experience gain for your character level in each zone, provided by Ebonmourn

[Map Guide] Map Management Resource
Everything you need to know about maps, by Lyralei

Please visit this list for technical optimizations and troubleshooting.

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