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This thread is no longer being used. I've stopped supporting the script. But another has taken it over, so please goto this thread for updated version:

This is the new thread for the highly useful PoE Item Info Script. It shows the tiers of your item's affixes as well as DPS on weapons and many other helpful things.

The script was originally developed by hazydoc, and the original thread (the first post still has relevant info and should be read by new users and anyone with a question about it's use) can be found here: The original author has been MIA for some time now, (probably at university) and the old thread hasn't been updated. With all the new updates the community has put out to keep the script up-to-date and running, it's time for a new thread to keep people updated with new versions.

Like I said, many people contribute to keeping the script updated. I just simply gather and test and update the script when needed. So if you have anything to add, bug fixes, new features, etc...then of course you are completely welcome to contribute.

Current Version:

How To Use

-1) Your game must be in "Windowed Fullscreen" or "Windowed" mode. Will not work in full screen. You will be charged 1 exalted from now on if you ask this question in the forums.

0) Install a recent AutoHotkey version from >> <<

1) With AutoHotkey installed, start the script by right-clicking the main .ahk file (currently POE-ItemInfo.ahk) and choose Run script. Note: if you checked the appropriate option during AutoHotkey's installation you may also try to simply double-click the main .ahk file.

A system tray icon should pop up with a black and white path of exile logo. You can right click this icon to pause the script or to kill it outright. You can also access the settings dialog from this context menu and any other features.

2) In Path of Exile, simply hit Ctrl+C when hovering over any item or item link. Yes, it also works with other people's items via chat links!


AutoHotkey 1.1.05 or later from

(note: 64-bit or 32-bit doesn't matter, just don't pick the legacy option)

Nov 01, 2015 23:33:10 PM

Thanks for taking this project over and keeping it alive.

When I right click the taskbar icon and go to About the link to the PoE forums thread still goes to the old thread and the GitHub link to the old git. That entire window could probably use an update, contributors etc...
That link is how I check for updates.
It's a minimal thing in the grand scheme.

Nov 02, 2015 00:18:54 AM

Paion wrote:

When I right click the taskbar icon and go to About the link to the PoE forums thread still goes to the old thread and the GitHub link to the old git. That entire window could probably use an update, contributors etc...

good catch, I'll work on it tonight while watching football.

Nov 02, 2015 02:30:54 AM

I was actually using the previous version and noticed that the tiers were off, took me 30min to find this post.

Glad I did those, saved me alot of work of having to edit junk myself.
Thx for keeping this going!

Nov 02, 2015 15:33:01 PM

Bumping for visibility.

Nov 04, 2015 03:22:39 AM

tyvm for keeping the updates together!

Nov 05, 2015 04:20:54 AM


Updated info screen
Maps updated with new vendor info &
Divination Cards which can be found
within map.

I went ahead and updated all the maps as described above. But, I'm sure there are errors in the wiki (where I took the info from) so: if you find an error with a map, either the vendor info or what Div cards drop there, let me know so it can be fixed. Again, this a community project that relies on more than just me to make sure things are accurate. I'm a moron who breaks things and mistypes werds so it's up to the rest of you to make sure things are correkt.

Nov 05, 2015 10:43:29 AM

Thanks for keeping the script updated.

I'm working on adding some info about known Darkshrine effects for rares. When I'm back home from work I'll check out how git/github works and send a pull request if you're interested in adding it.

Nov 05, 2015 16:33:34 PM

Thank you so much for picking this up. I can't wait to try out the update when I get home.

Before realizing Hazydoc was away, I recently sent him a feature request/suggestion. I understandably didn't receive a reply. I'm hoping you can take it into consideration.

This feature request/suggestion honestly may only be useful to me haha, but I figured it was worth asking about.

I sort my jewelry that has resists on it by total elemental resist. That means inherent resist plus explicit resists, plus 3x "all elemental resistances". Is there anyway we could get a "total elemental resist" readout on items handled by your script? Possibly with counting chaos resist as an option (please don't auto include chaos resist.)?

It would really make it much easier for me to sort my jewelry and other accessories.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and thank you again for updating this script.

Nov 05, 2015 18:27:40 PM

ty guy so much :D

Nov 05, 2015 22:14:32 PM
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