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Enki91 wrote:
@├Žuf & Lightingray: Most obvious reason is Bone Offering - the amount of block and spellblock it gives would otherwise take more investment than we realistically could pull off, and then there's also the life gained on block. Don't underestimate this stat, it's strong enough that i've facetanked Uber Izaro at Lv76 and took the char to Lv91 before i realized i had no other life leech than my time-limited Vinktar flask. To clarity, i've dropped the Life Leech gems and was using a Wrath Leech Watcher's Eye, didn't realize at that time that it gives mana leech.

Aside from that, Necromancer gives us lots of resistances, a good amount of generic damage and most importantly cast speed, some of that coming as static value from the small nodes and Commander of Darkness, and then there's Spirit Eater which especially together with Kitava's Thirst can get you a lot of cast speed.

Thank you so much for clarifying this! I was getting a bit confused as to where we would get our sustain.

Great guide overall. Thank you once again! :)

Jan 22, 2018 01:45:44 AM

Could you have a look at my HiighVoltage character?

Actually i can spend up to 100C for gear upgrades :)

I need some advice which items i should replace first, and what stats are most wital at this moment.

I think i need more Armor or sth because these leaping bosses (like Legius Tarhall from Ramparts or these dual teddy bears) are wrecking me.
Also i tried Whakawairua Tuahu Strand Map (T4) everything was fine untill Boss - shade of a witch she just destroed me :|

Jan 22, 2018 09:57:06 AM

Hey again!

Since the changes I'm enjoying this build a lot more, I didn't realize how powerful Kitava's Thirst could be.

I have a few more questions now though.

Since I changed to Kitava's Thirst and Essence Worm I had to re-do my Skill Tree a little bit, I moved away from the Celestial Punishment/Celestial Judgement nodes as I needed more static Mana and Life, and more Life and Mana regeneration.

With the tree I have now, what do you recommend I pick in the coming levels?

I was thinking to maybe pick the +30 Dexterity node so I can get a better belt jewel, and after that just keep picking mana regeneration nodes.
I'm also wondering if I should pick up another +5% to Life and Mana node as my life is quite low at the moment with the changes, I only have 4768 Health.

Also, I'm gonna start to farm the lab so I can get the proper enchantments as I feel that would also be a giant boost if I get the correct ones, and I want to get better Arc and Ball Lightning gems but I actually haven't been able to find either an Arc or Ball Lightning that is 21/20.
Are you able to explain roughly how big of an upgrade it will be once I get some or all of the proper enchantments, and once I get both or just 1 21/20 skill gem?

I'm trying to prepare a little for the future, but I want to keep my expectations within reality :).

Regarding gear upgrades: I've been able to farm/sell off more stuff, I now have 2 Exalted Orbs, 200 Chaos Orbs and another 3-4 Exalted Orbs in other currencies if I add them all up and sell for Exalted Orbs.

If you look at the gear I have on now, what do you recommend I try to upgrade first(including my skill tree gems)?
I can probably find a much better Stygian Vise, right?

I don't want to break my bank in gear/jewel upgrades as I need some on the side if I find a reasonably priced 21/20 Arc and/or Ball Lightning.

Sorry if I write a little too much :P.

Jan 22, 2018 14:28:21 PM

Extremely cheap

Main item 6l pledge of Hands and Inpulsa LMAO ok chief.

Jan 22, 2018 19:12:35 PM

Can you check my profile pls. Gems not placed. But i think i font know if my gears was good enough?

Jan 22, 2018 19:18:11 PM

@Se6a: Start with getting the right flask setup, then replace your belt, boots and the Timeclasp ring with something with the required stats and more resistances. Path of Building tells me you're at 38% Fire Res currently. You should also get the AoE nodes in witch rather than pathing through the damage side and chrome your Inpulsa's to have Life Leech in your Ball Lightning's links.

@Bodomi: Hey, great to hear it worked out and don't worry, my responses are atleast equally long.

Get the 30 Dex node and the 25% Mana Regen in witch start, then either go for the Celestial wheel again or even the 4-point jewel socket in upper witch area, depending on how far you want to push this char. Your lifepool ain't bad, together with unreserved Mana you're sitting on around 7.6k with lots of block chance.

Getting +1 on Ball Lightning, Arc and Empower would be roughly +10% DPS each, the resistance penetration boot enchant would be around 8-10% more DPS on bosses. The reduced Ball Lightning Speed enchants impact is hard to tell since it's very situational, under perfect conditions it would also result in about 10-15% more DPS.

Assuming you won't find any 21/20 gems for sale, i'd say go for a new belt first and then look out for a Watcher's Eye with the Wrath Mana Leech mod. This would allow you to replace the Hybrid Flask with a Vessel of Vinktar and maybe even drop Spirited Response. After that just look out for 4-mod jewels, or save up the currency.

Belt could be something like this, minus the jewel inside:

Gloom Buckle
Stygian Vise
Click to expand
  • Has 1 Abyssal Socket
  • +78 to maximum Life
  • +42% to Fire Resistance
  • +40% to Cold Resistance
  • 19% increased Flask Effect Duration
  • 4% increased Movement Speed

  • @sephrinx: With all respect, it doesn't take much to figure out that 6L's aren't mandatory, it's literally indicated at multiple points in the guide. Besides that, every single build will get costly once you get into highend stuff, and in comparison this one is cheap in that regard.

    @Lolis_Daisuki: Your gear looks great, but flask setup needs some work. You also don't need to use Fevered Mind since both of your damage setups are 6L.

    Replace the mastermod on belt with Movement Speed from Tora, your ring can have Mana added with Elreon.

    Jan 23, 2018 01:03:25 AM

    Thanks for respond, i'm done with set up gem and set up new jewel. Can you check one more time please. Thanks

    Jan 23, 2018 03:19:11 AM

    Any advice on uber lab? Facetank dont work for me, and when im kiting then i cant keep uptime on Bone Offering, running out of flasks and die. Maybe some gear upgrade order, or should i just get gud?

    Jan 23, 2018 03:30:53 AM

    woodoodalas wrote:
    Any advice on uber lab? Facetank dont work for me, and when im kiting then i cant keep uptime on Bone Offering, running out of flasks and die. Maybe some gear upgrade order, or should i just get gud?

    Try a Decoy Totem, with Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support if you have the sockets for it.
    Will give you a few seconds to cast lightning ball, just rince and repeat.

    Jan 23, 2018 13:11:27 PM

    how do you manage all these curses if you dont have kitavas thirst?

    Jan 23, 2018 16:26:31 PM
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