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@Zephyrinius: 1. Only craft what needs urgent replacement and you don't expect to get drop. Outside of shaped gear, most of the stuff for this build is pretty basic life/mana/res gear which doesn't require high ilvl to be good enough and drops pretty frequently, so i'd say keep your resources for specific stuff later.

2. Regular 5L is only better if you really need those stats, otherwise i'd stick with Tabula for now. There's a few 6L body armour divination cards that are fairly easy to farm. The only two uniques you really need are Inpulsa and Essence Worm, add white Sadist Garbs and Unset Rings to your filter and chance all those. Also do all the Bestiary content you can find for additional chances at those two uniques in your menagerie.

3. Seems like you've changed this already. As for the golems, you don't get golem buffs of the same type twice, so two Lightning Golems would be a waste.

4. I'd wait for Lapidary Lenses, Lv21 is a great DPS boost for Arc and thanks to the nerfhammer and Legion being core now, there's more of a reason to have Vaal Arc aswell.

5. Only really useful at Lv4 with a +1 Chest, so assumingly never in SSF.

6. Aside from the mentioned uniques, farm Zana Abyss maps for a Stygian Vise and maybe some dodge boots in temple, and some shaped maps to craft an Assassins Mark ring.

Nov 14, 2019 09:27:02 AM


I returned to this build after playing it in 2016 and have been very surprised at the results. I followed the guide very closely and even with not a lot of good drops early did well. I clear any map (not blights) easily and have done shaper but need a few tips for Uber Elder and was hoping for some input. The build is surprisingly beefy which I think is because of my 42% spell dodge with the boots. I do not die much except to the odd oneshot.

I need some help with Uber Elder

1. My hideout DPS with 3 golems and HoT(I will get into this in point 2) is 99k, in maps with 4 power charges, diamond flask and cinderswallow it is about 200k. My Crit Multi is 463%, shock dur 20%, shock effect 109% and 43% pen.

2. I got a Synthesized Topaz Ring with the two damage mods (79% increased HoT effect and 53% inc lightning damage) the ring makes a 14k difference in HO tooltip so i am using it instead of zealotry or wrath in my unset ring.

3. I have looked at upgrades to armour etc and everything is multiple exalts for a slight increase. I just got the omen wand and since I don't have all the veiled mods I put on Mana is there a better one?

4. I speced into Throatseeker and got rid of the 3 node jewel on the left side of the tree for a DPS boost. I chose Throatseeker over Crackling Speed as my Arc tab shows 4.03 cast/sec and I didn't think more speed was needed.

4. I am not sure how to work out what effect my shock has on DPS. I can't figure out DPS with your formula because of the increase in effectiveness from the ring.

I am not experienced at Uber Elder and in my few attempts have got through the first portal phase but end up dying. I have watched your videos and I am nowhere near as fast at burning the guardians as you are so I am missing DPS somewhere.

How does my DPS compare to those of you with other higher end set ups? Are there any glaring errors or easy changes I can make. I realize with our life/mana pool we have to be good at fight mechanics and can't facetank Uber, I am working on this. I know I won't ever get to an expert level in movement and maybe won't be able to complete on this character, I would like some input on this.

Thanks again for all your work

Nov 16, 2019 05:16:11 AM


I'm trying to get into PoE, after playing sometime ago and leveling up a Witch to lvl 33.
I didn't follow any build back then but I want to follow this build, so I used my full passive skill reset (no idea how I got it, honestly) and leveled up according to this guide, but I'm at some place in chapter 3 and I have no idea if I can get all the gems and other things required for this build leading up to this point? Is there a way I can still follow this build?


Nov 16, 2019 14:02:13 PM

Thanks for all the advice! I have made several improvements (including corrupting a second Tabula and getting +1 gem level). I have a question regarding the belt, though: I finally got a ilvl 84 stygian vice and (with a limited supply of fossils) managed to get a T1 life roll and T1 +lightning damage roll, plus an okay mana roll. But equipping it, even with a decent abyssal jewel, shows a drastic DPS drop (like -30%) versus my Cyclopean Coil. Am I missing something, or is Cyclopean Coil just better?

Nov 16, 2019 14:24:46 PM


Hey I still remember that name!

1. Your DPS should be fine for Uber Elder, no problems here.

2. It's not bad but i'd say EW + Wrath/Zealotry is still the better option. You won't reserve any mana with it and it opens up some pretty strong Watcher's Eye mods. Depending on what you can afford, you'd gain a lot of damage switching this setup.

3. Your weapons are fine, keep them unless you plan to multimod weapons. Three small upgrades I can see are shaped ring with Assassin's Mark, shaped gloves with Cast Speed and crafting a helmet base with a relevant enchant. And as mentioned, a nice Watcher's Eye + Essence Worm.

4. If you level high enough you will pick all of them anyway, so pick whatever gives you the most benefit at this point. Imo jewel socket is better as it can give life, damage and res if needed, tho good ones obviously cost a bit.

5. Your ring has no effect on shock, it only raises both flat lightning damage gained from HoT and gives some increased lightning %. So it's pretty simple, 15% (base shock from Beacon of Ruin) multiplied by (1 + shock effect + effect of non-damaging ailments), or just check the shock effectiveness for Arc in your character sheet. Just make sure you check regular Arc, since Vaal Arc has higher shock effect added for the vaal part.

You currently got roughly half the burst DPS than the setup i've used to record the videos for this guide when you switch the QS with Atziri's Promise. However, it's not as bad as it sounds, i've farmed Uber Elder with ~40% of your current burst DPS in SSF Incursion with this build so atleast on that front you should be fine.

The fight is very movement based, try to always keep both in sight and get a feeling for their skill timings, so you can get a few hits in before you have to move again. Kaom's Roots and the reduced LW duration enchant really help with that too, switching Pantheon helps with sustain.

Let me know if there's any other questions and good luck with Uber Elder!


Should be no problem, you can buy all the gems you need from the currency/gem vendor in each town, the flasks all come at a later point so there's nothing missed yet. Or you could just start a new character, although it will come down to pretty much the same process of buying gems from vendor.

Full passive tree resets are given with each major patch, next one will come with 3.9 for example.


Only reason I could see is that you needed the attributes % from Cyclopean Coil for some gems, and unequipping it disabled the gear piece they were socketed in. Very likely happened with the weapon, since i've planned out the build to need that extra 20 strength leading to the jewel socket in templar area. But looks like you've already fixed the issue, so all good now.

Nov 17, 2019 14:11:33 PM

@Enki91 Thanks a bunch!

Nov 17, 2019 21:45:20 PM

I would just like to thank you again for the amazing guide, Enki!
Just got 40/40 for the first time with grinding all the end game content with arc, apart from a nasty Aul (too deep in the mines and some nasty mods).

Nov 18, 2019 04:28:41 AM

Is the mod "Gain 20% of elemental damage as extra chaos damage" better or "+1 to all spell skill gems"?

Assuming the skill +1 doesn't give an additional chain.

Thank you!

Nov 18, 2019 14:54:33 PM

@Dreagation: Damn that's a huge achievement, congrats!

@Fuuchouin1: Ele gained as Chaos is better damage-wise and much easier to get, +1 spell gem level has the benefit that it also raises golem life and slightly reduces LW duration.

Nov 18, 2019 15:02:25 PM

Enki91 wrote:
@Dreagation: Damn that's a huge achievement, congrats!

@Fuuchouin1: Ele gained as Chaos is better damage-wise and much easier to get, +1 spell gem level has the benefit that it also raises golem life and slightly reduces LW duration.

Thank you Enki for the ultra quick response!

Nov 18, 2019 15:11:12 PM
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